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Hunchback with chest, ten years old? 6 yoga poses let you gain good temperament!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Recently, many fans asked: their shoulder buttons are particularly serious, and it’s ugly to wear clothes.

From the back, the whole person is particularly listless, and the back is getting thicker and thicker! Not afraid, today Xiaobian has prepared 6 yoga poses to improve the effect of shoulder BUCKLE! These 6 asanas can not only open the chest and improve the shoulder buckle, but also strengthen the back strength and consolidate the effect.

Practice quickly! Action 01: kneel and stand on the mat with both hands in letter L shape, pay attention to shoulder relaxation, feel the chest fully open, the shoulder blades close to the thoracic vertebrae, and stay for 8 breathing actions with breathing 02.

Maintain the preparation position of action 01, feel the shoulder blades fully close to the spine, inhale, extend both hands straight up over the head, exhale downward in L shape, and practice 12-15 dynamic exercises of shoulder blade adduction.

Action 03: maintain the King Kong sitting position, After entering the cow’s face, straighten your right hand, bend your elbow upward, abduct your left hand backward, and then bend your elbow backward to cooperate with breathing.

Keep your hands clasped with your ten fingers for 5-8 breaths.

After changing sides, beginners can use the extension belt to assist in practicing movements 04.

Lie prone on the mat, put your hands on both sides of the body, put your forehead on the ground, exhale, tighten your core, put your hands clasped with your ten fingers on your back, open your chest, lift your chest off the ground for 5-8 breaths once, Exercise 3-5 times in the prone position 05.

Lift your hands horizontally and bend your elbows to exhale, tighten the core, lift your chest in an L-shape with your hands off the ground, feel the chest open, retract your shoulder blades for 5-8 breaths, practice 3-5 times in the prone position 06.

Prepare a yoga brick, stretch your hands straight forward, hold the brick with your hands, exhale and tighten the core, and practice with your hands off the ground dynamically for 5-8 times in a group, Practice 3 groups let the chest hump ruin your temperament.

Be sure to practice your back more! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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