Is the shoulder too stiff and always rattling when practicing yoga? 10 moves to help you open your shoulders

Many new people who have just come into contact with yoga will encounter a problem: they will be limited when practicing arm lift posture, such as Eagle and mountain arm lift.

In fact, the limitation of shoulder lift is related to the stiffness and lack of flexibility of the shoulder! Limited shoulder stiffness will not only lead to shoulder and neck pain, but also be limited when practicing yoga postures! Shoulder stiffness is the result of the accumulation of shoulder pressure at ordinary times, which will lead to shoulder and neck pain, shoulder periarthritis, cervical spondylosis and other problems.

Practicing yoga can be flexible and release pressure.

When practicing yoga for a period of time, if you want to challenge advanced asanas, there will be restrictions if your shoulders are stiff, so you should do some extra shoulder opening movements.

Today, Xiaobian has compiled a set of Yoga sequences suitable for beginners’ flexible shoulder joints.

It is suggested that you can practice every day to enhance the flexibility of shoulder joints! 01 stand on the yoga mat, feet open, hands on the shoulder peak, rotate clockwise 20 times, counterclockwise 20 times 02 stand on the yoga mat, feet open, hands straighten the abdomen, tighten hands clockwise 20 times 03 stand on the yoga mat, feet open, hands flat on the side, lower abdomen tightened, elbows held still, forearms rotated clockwise 20 times 04 stand on the yoga mat, Open your feet, inhale deeply, open your hands back, and then exhale.

Cross your hands in front of your chest and practice 20 times.

05 mountain pose stand on the yoga mat, keep your hands flat on your sides and breathe well, Open the dynamic exercise backward 20 times 06 mountain standing on the yoga mat, swing your hands forward alternately, keep the dynamic exercise 20 times 07 mountain standing on the yoga mat, rotate your shoulders backward alternately, keep the dynamic practice 20 times 08 mountain standing position exhale, tighten the core, bend your hips and knees, squat down, throw your hands back, inhale and stand straight, raise your hands over your head, and practice 20 times 09 mountain standing position, bend your elbows and exhale, Bend your elbows and inhale inward, open your chest with your elbows, do dynamic exercises for 20 times, inhale in 010 mountain standing position, shrug your shoulders slowly upward, do dynamic grasping exercises with your hands, exhale and restore, do dynamic exercises for 12 times, share points, collect points, like points, watch..

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