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Long legged girls are suitable for wearing yoga pants, elegant and comfortable, one step in place, simple and stylish

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          Long legged girls are suitable for wearing yoga pants, elegant and comfortable, in one step, simple and stylish.

The matching of Yoga Pants mainly depends on the type and style of clothes, whether it is casual or sporty, retro or simple.

1、 Types of yoga pants the styles of yoga pants in winter are mostly the following styles.

Generally speaking, yoga pants are mainly divided into tight, loose and basic colors.


Tight Yoga trouser skirt with wide yoga pants, if there is no belt, it is fatter; Yoga pants with narrow skirts, without a belt, will appear to have a poor figure ratio.

The length of yoga pants is generally near the middle waist of the skirt.

Short yoga pants are not suitable for small thick legs and short people.


Tight skirt long skirt covers both thick legs and thin legs.

It looks thin and tall.

Moreover, the style of long skirt is mostly sweet lady, which gives people a warm feeling in winter.

Long skirt: medium and long, which can make your upper body thinner and taller.

Short skirt: the short skirt is higher, which will make the lower body appear thinner.

If you are not satisfied with your height, you can wear a long skirt into a high waist line.


Jacket + high waist skirt can reduce the feeling that the legs are covered by the long jacket and play the role of modifying the leg shape.


Jacket + nine point wide leg pants nine point wide leg pants are super long legs.

The style and length can be selected according to your own situation and personal preferences.

Whether it’s yoga pants or skirt, jeans top matching, or leather middle and long top matching are the most leg long wear, but pay attention to keep warm.

Short skirt: similar to A-shaped fabric, which highlights the lines of the upper body and still looks thin and tall.

Long skirt: for girls with fat upper body or thick thighs, long skirt is more suitable.

Expose the ankle, lengthen the leg line and shrink the waist at the same time.


Pleated skirt yoga pants are mostly chiffon fabrics, which are fashionable and light, soft but not soft, fit the body shape, the skirt is large and will not appear procrastinating, the curve is as lovely as a swimming fish, and the style is thin, square and strong sense of line, simple and generous, full of youth and fashion.


Chiffon floral Yoga Pants Chiffon yoga pants have elegant feeling, chiffon silk is smooth and delicate, with good elasticity and strong three-dimensional feeling.

The neckline and cuffs adopt heart-shaped patterns to visually increase the proportion of the upper body, making the overall feeling more elegant and intellectual.

Chiffon yoga pants are the yoga pants that can most highlight the body curve.

This kind of skirt is often the best choice for girls who are not very tall and have wide shoulders, which can enhance the femininity and advanced sense of the upper body.

Or girls with a little hip width or shoulder width can choose to use the technique of upper body padding.

Loose Chiffon yoga pants are the most recommended by individuals.

They are loose and have a strong sense of sag.

They are easy to wear.

They visually lengthen the visual proportion of the upper body.

Of course, chiffon is relatively tall in yoga pants, and girls with wide hips and hips are not suitable.

One of the important reasons why many people only choose the basic yoga pants is that they are thin and tall, thin and tall.

The style of Yoga Pants 1.

The classic basic yoga pants are also classic.

If you don’t want to go to important occasions, you won’t wear them wrong.

The style has a zipper.

In addition to the classic, the fabric can also be selected and can be worn for many years.


Half skirt and half skirt are popular in recent years, Half skirts are basically pleated, but the workmanship and design are different.

There are A-shaped and V-shaped skirts that can be split.

In terms of length, A-shaped half skirts are longer than V-shaped half skirts..

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