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Practice these five yoga postures before going to bed, clear the intestines and shape, and wake up the next day with better skin~

Yoga is a combination of body and mind, which can lose weight and plasticity, make us more temperament, regulate our mood, cultivate our sentiment, and have a spiritual washing.

Now girls live irregularly, often stay up late, get angry and bored, which is also a common thing, so they will cause endocrine disorders and irregular menstruation, This can also be improved by practicing yoga.

Therefore, sister Hua has recruited a five style yoga for everyone.

As long as she persists in practicing, she can effectively regulate endocrine, which is good for health.

She will be younger and more beautiful!     1.

Rou Guanyuan   Guan yuan is an important point for regulating endocrine.

It can replenish yuan and solidify Qi, remove cold and dampness, reconcile internal organs, and knead it in the morning and evening or at ordinary times.

The order is counterclockwise and then clockwise, generally 36 circles.

Of course, more kneading is better.


Kneeling squat        Bend your legs and squat, hold your knees with both hands and step on the soles of your feet to master the balance.

The squatting action can be well massaged to the abdominal viscera and have the effect of internal regulation.


Tiger style: bend your legs together, kneel down, hold your hands on the ground, make your thighs and arms perpendicular to the ground, relax your body and breathe evenly.

When inhaling, lift the right leg and extend it backward, and the waist sinks slightly.

When exhaling, bend your knees inward and retract your right leg.

At the same time, lower your head and arch your back.

You can let the tip of your nose touch your knees and practice 5 ~ 10 breaths.

Then change the left leg and do the same exercise.


One legged locust lay on the ground, overlapping his forearms, and put his forehead on his forearms.

Straighten the left leg and lift it up.

Pay attention to keep the left hip off the ground for half a minute, and then change the right leg for one time.


Bow down on the ground, bend your legs, lift your legs back, open your hands and grasp your ankles back.

When exhaling, stretch your legs and make your body bow.

Just try your best and keep it for about 30 seconds.

Sister who likes to look at motion pictures, welfare is here!!! No.






6 actions have been found for you.

You have to practice~~-.

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