Practicing yoga is like falling in love

Did you fall in love on the way of Yoga? Do you practice yoga? If the answer is “yes”, think about it: yoga and falling in love really have some similarities.

In fact, yoga is about relationships, relationships with ourselves, relationships with others, our beliefs and others.

Listed below   nine   This article tells you that practicing yoga is like falling in love.


You fell very painful.

Have you ever tried to fall from headstand or handstand? Unless you practice in a padded room, falling down really hurts.

It’s like falling in love.

It hurts to be careful.

The important thing is: you learn to organize your thoughts and understand why.

We must move forward and look forward, because in the end, everything will be better.


It needs to be fresh.

Of course, yoga is not like the work you have to do every day, but sometimes, it really feels like this.

After years of love running, all the enthusiasm in the early stage of love has been exhausted.

The same goes for yoga practice, so make sure you keep your yoga practice fresh every day.


It’s very exciting.

There are many moments that surprise you: such as the tension and excitement of the first date, his proposal on one knee, or other simple and unexpected surprises.

These are very exciting! The progress of yoga practice will also give you this feeling.

When your body and mind become soft, when you keep practicing for a long time, you will find that even you admire yourself.


It makes people shine.

Through yoga, we find our center and balance, which is the happiest.

Find the perfect other half of the same happiness.

A good love can balance and nourish your life.

I think this is why there are many hopeless romantics and yogis in the world.

Through regular yoga practice and love, we feel illuminated.


It is very puzzling.

Any relationship needs mutual understanding.

It’s hard to understand others.

Sometimes you don’t fully understand what others are doing.

No matter how you try, maybe you can never put your legs behind your head or balance with one hand.

It doesn’t matter – it means there are always challenges ahead.

What’s the point if there’s no challenge? 6.

Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes love is a challenge.

Quarrel, fight or break up.

Yoga is also very difficult sometimes.

You think it’s too challenging.

You want to give up.

However, as long as you stick to it, move forward and let me see your persistence and sincerity, you will get the fruits of victory.


It’s very humorous.

If you haven’t laughed in yoga practice at all…

You should have.

It’s important that you learn to laugh at yourself.

But it’s also important to find someone to laugh with.

Laugh together and laugh longer.


Comfortable feeling don’t we all want to find the feeling of physical comfort? When love comes to a comfortable period, it means that it has come to a new stage.

When your yoga teaches you to love and accept yourself, you taste the sweet fruit of yoga.


Forgive each other.

You scratch my back and I scratch your back.

You help me throw out the garbage because I’ve been cooking dinner for you.

Continuous yoga practice will nourish your body and soul.

When you come to the yoga mat every day, you feel light, energetic and more capable in almost all aspects.

  In life, we learn to balance ourselves and the world around us.

When practicing yoga, you become more and more distracted, just like falling in love…

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