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Quality fitness goddess; Yoga pants are loved by fashion beauties, and they are easy to match with, which is cool and cool

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                                                                    Swipe up to view content ⬆⬆⬆ Yoga pants are deeply loved by fashion beauties.

They are easy to match with a sense of superiority and cool.

The collocation of yoga pants has always been one of the most concerned problems.

So, how to grasp the rationality of collocation in bright colors? 1.

For bright colors, avoid large-scale direct use of high saturation monochromes such as yellow, orange and red in large areas.

In this way, there will be a feeling of colorful, which makes the appearance very messy, and it is difficult to create a sense of unity in future wearing.

Therefore, in bright colors, you can use a light color as a unified background color, but don’t match up deep and down shallow.


Bright colors.

Use smart fabrics in matching.

Bright pants are generally thin.

In our daily wear, the primary consideration is to keep the length of the pants at the knee, so as not to be too cramped.

Visually, medium and short pants can also lengthen the proportion of the lower body to a certain extent.


Bright colors.

In the summer when the matching time is longer, the velvet color is generally bright, and there are not many restrictions on matching together, but it should also be selected according to the overall proportion and style.

Purple has a strong sense of style.

Such colors should be avoided as much as possible, which seems a little tacky.


Bright colors.

Be careful with round neck fabrics in collocation.

We all know that the general public now has a more exaggerated aesthetic.

For girls, the most important thing is the tenderness of the face, and the primary reason for the tenderness of the face is to choose bright colors.

Moreover, the round neck fabrics will make girls look more fleshy, while the straight neck fabrics will make people feel lean.

Long sleeved clothes, round neck coats and slightly longer tops are also not a good match.

On the one hand, they appear to have more facial sensuality, and on the other hand, they appear to be a little pompous.

Therefore, try to avoid choosing round neck clothes.

Umbrella or semi umbrella clothes should also be avoided on the pants, because the pants with too long umbrella material show hip width.

Therefore, when choosing umbrella and semi umbrella, try to use clothes with radian.

Pay attention to the collocation of details.

The collocation of details is also concerned by many girls.

Here is the basic secret of collocation details.

Try not to use pearlescent objects such as foundation and nude eye shadow, meat colored stockings, high gloss and sparkling powder, or direct use of meaningless solid colors.

Because the fancy collocation is generally built without details, and will not pay attention to the overall emotion in the collocation details.

Do not use colors that are too deep or have a large gap with the lightness of the pants, such as matching red and black with low saturation, which is not conducive to weakening the long and narrow facial features.

Neutral colors such as gray, yellow and gray powder will not have too much impact on vision and facial features, and will not be as ugly as too sexy leopard print and green.

Avoid using too bright colors in details, such as bright red and orange, which is not only too bright colors such as red and black, but also too prominent colors.

If you use bright red and blue, the picture will be too dry and lifeless.

Therefore, try to avoid using bright colors.

If you use them in a large area, it will appear very neat, balanced, non rigid and lack of vitality.

Avoid using too charm ornaments in details, such as deer earrings, deer necklaces and deer bracelets.

Although these small ornaments are details, they are too exaggerated or exaggerated, which will give people a strong sense of decoration…

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