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Taught by the queen of Yoga: customized light yoga on the chair for busy people: stretching and activating blood circulation, correcting

It has been said that women are not afraid of death, but they are afraid of old age.

I think so.

Flabby skin, out of shape, fading complexion…

Who is not afraid that the glory of the past will be consumed by “old fat and ugly”? But there are such people who have escaped the clutches of years and stopped at the age of 20 forever! The secret of women’s gorgeous transformation is…

It turns out that most women enter the aging period from the age of 30, their metabolic capacity decreases and fat hoarding.

However, it’s not easy to lose weight healthily: too busy: I have to go to work and take care of my children, and I can’t find time to go to the gym on weekdays; It’s too difficult: jumping, fighting and other movements are large and difficult, so it’s difficult to do them in place; It’s too expensive: please teach a private class for thousands.

It’s troublesome to buy equipment and do your homework…

The more fat you hoard, the bigger your body ▼ while the chair light Yoga practiced by Lin Zhiling can perfectly solve the above problems.

It does not need to buy any equipment, clothing, time and place, and a chair can begin its beautiful transformation.

And a set of movements in 10 minutes, the fat burning effect is equivalent to running 3000 meters and gym 1 hour.

Really keep slim and shape! With this “physical and mental” exercise, people lose weight and have less pressure.

Therefore, women should care more about themselves.

First of all, they should give themselves a symmetrical and healthy body, so that they can have the confidence to be beautiful at any age.

When you lose weight, the whole world will become pleasant.

02 the beauty method of “frozen age goddess” in the entertainment industry is the basis of health and beauty.

Many women are struggling on the road of anti-aging beauty.

Compared with boring running and painful “rolling iron”, chair light yoga is a simple and efficient way to lose weight! There are many “frozen age goddesses” in the entertainment circle who are practicing.

The chair light Yoga used by so many female stars, without exception, no longer rebounds and gets younger with practice, which is enough to prove its anti-aging and body beauty effect! Although the meat exposed summer has passed, do you still want to be fat for the rest of your life? Now I want to tell you that you don’t have to suffer so much.

As long as you have Youxin, you can have an inverse age figure like a star! Hello, I’m Tang Youxin.

Many people know me because I’ve been to many programs to help countless female stars fight aging and improve their body.

I’ve seen too many women go further and further on the road of slimming: Crazy diet: three meals of white water and green vegetables a day, struggling every day, rebounding as soon as they stop; To do liposuction: the side effects of the operation are great.

Not long ago, there was news of the death of female wanghong liposuction infection; Superstition leads to sudden sweating: you can’t stop sweating until you practice, resulting in serious dehydration and even neurological disorders…

But in fact, slimming and beauty can be very easy and simple, and can degenerate at home.

If you want to change the status quo, I sincerely hope you can spend 2 minutes reading my story.

Uncover the anti-aging beauty skills of female stars.

I’m not afraid of no time.

I can easily return to the age of 20, identify the QR code below, and enter the Yoga queen behind 0310000 + students.

In only 3 months, I can never make a good figure rebound.

In addition to the personal teaching of first-line female stars and the yoga instructor of celebrities.

In fact, I’m still the mother of two children.

Although I’m 42 years old, I still look like 20 years old.

The pursuers around me haven’t stopped! The secret of keeping me “not old and beautiful” all year round is my favorite work: chair light yoga.

Although I am proud of my figure now, I once became a “strong man” of 130 kg because of obesity.

I was even called aunt ▼ when I bought vegetables.

Unwilling to get fat, I went to the United States to study sports management, hoping to find a time-saving and efficient way to quickly lose weight and become beautiful.

At that time, I was either in the library or on the way to consult my teacher every day.

With long-term persistence, I combined with traditional yoga movements and focused on the precise movements of the body, and finally created a new set of yoga! The action is simple and does not occupy a place.

All actions can be completed on the chair without any equipment, running or jumping.

Simple stretching and twisting action can improve metabolism.

The fat is thrown wildly, which is made of internal combustion fat, shaped from the outside, and easily touches the neck, waist, hips and legs, making people thin and beautiful unconsciously.

After R & D, I took myself as a test object, Improve while practicing: ➤ day 1-5: Dredge Qi and blood and awaken joints of the whole body with elegant rhythm and simple and soothing yoga movements ➤ day 6-10: start to burn fat initially, improve cardiopulmonary function, tighten muscle lines, make hips more obvious, and get rid of big and thick legs ➤ day 11-15: correct bad posture of the whole body, and carve from shoulders, neck, chest, abdomen, hips and legs, Day 16-18: through whole-body meditation, relax the nerves, relieve and decompress from head to foot, improve mental strength, and make my body and mind more comfortable.

After 10 minutes of practice every day, I found that my skin and body were changing: starting to be firm, white and tender, charming curve and light body.

The body seems to have returned to the state of 20 years old! When I went out to sea with my friends, I finally dared to show my hot figure ▼ the most important thing is that my physique has changed.

I used to get fat when I ate something.

Now I eat and drink wantonly, and my weight has never rebounded.

This remarkable effect makes me put down everything and focus on the promotion of chair light yoga.

Over the past 20 years, my yoga team has been growing.

From Taiwan to the mainland, and even going abroad, I have become the first Chinese yoga master to appear on the big screen of times square in the United States! Now, I have several titles in one: President of the founding Association of Taiwan Yoga TISS Association, lecturer of Taiwan Cultural University, Taiwan Adidas Yoga endorsement coach, American UIW master of Sports Management…

With high professional level and good reputation in the industry, she has been invited to various female and fashion variety shows, such as Kangxi coming and spicy mother college.

From the aunt who is called to buy vegetables to the hot mother who is constantly pursued, from the ignorant Yoga Xiaobai to the amazing Yoga queen.

I always sigh with others: yoga makes me reborn and find my best self.

Everything I have now, good figure and good career, can be said to be because of chair light yoga.

Become beautiful with the Yoga queen.

Don’t be afraid of no time.

Easily return to the age of 20.

Identify the QR code below and enter the course 04.

Why is the beauty of chair light yoga so great? If you often ignore yourself because you are busy, make yourself fat, joint pain, stoop and poor sleep quality…

Then please don’t miss this chair light yoga class that makes you transform.

It not only teaches you to become thin and beautiful, correct your body shape, relieve pressure, return to a healthy life, but also improve your physique and maintain a good figure@ Abbey, since the birth of the baby, the metabolism of the second child’s mother has deteriorated, her blood and Qi are blocked, and her weight has soared from 90 kg to more than 130 kg.

She has practiced light yoga with teacher Tang’s chair for one month and lost 20 kg! The bucket waist and big ass are all gone, and finally have a body curve ~ even if you take the baby at home and do housework, you don’t delay the practice.

Take advantage of the baby’s sleep, and easily practice a set of yoga movements.

Time is enough@ Qin Xue, white-collar workers in enterprises are really fat in the sedentary office, especially their stomachs.

They take time to practice for 10 minutes after work every day and pull a chair.

It’s very convenient.

During this period, I didn’t deliberately go on a diet.

In the past two months, I lost a full 13 kg, my waist circumference was reduced by 5 cm, cervical spondylosis and joint pain were no longer committed, and my work was particularly effective@ Li Mengting, a business travel and overtime worker, as an employee of a foreign enterprise, business travel and overtime are common, work pressure is also high, anxiety and insomnia are often accompanied, resulting in inability to concentrate on work and tiredness as soon as work..

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