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The artistic and fresh yoga pants are more eye-catching, light, comfortable and elegant

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          Yoga pants with fresh literature and art are more eye-catching.

When choosing leggings, we should try to choose pants with obvious waist line to make us look thinner.

Trousers + leggings, you can’t wear trousers and coats alone in spring as usual;.

For example, if your matching color is dark blue, you can match it with a light blue leggings, which can improve your coat.

If your upper body is black, you can match it with a white coat, and your color is not so monotonous.

Wear it with T-shirt and knitted Bottomwear, which is young and fashionable.

In the waist, it’s best not to expose slender parts, otherwise it will give people a feeling that it’s not sexy enough.

Such trousers will look tall and close the waist.

At the same time, the length of the trousers is OK.

At the same time, look at such pictures, which can be matched with yoga pants of any style.

When matching camel, we don’t need to directly intersect with white.

Camel items are often monotonous, so it’s better to make camel and white items look hierarchical, and don’t feel the monotony of white items on the upper body.

This requirement is more valuable: make-up should be colorful.

The high collar bottomed pants are obviously a very suitable choice for me, because it can weaken the visual feeling of width at the top and narrow at the bottom, weaken the matching of the proportion of the lower body, and use the high collar shirt to balance the width of the upper body and the overall visual proportion of the upper body;.

The high collar shirt creates a sense of fashion, and the backing can also be used.

Wearing a high collar vest can be matched with simple pencil pants, loose version, and the upper body can be simply matched with a black lower body, which is simple and thin.

We will use silk Yoga Pants in winter.

This pleated Yoga Pants version is generally slightly broken.

Slightly fat girls can well decorate their bodies,.

The super long one shoulder sweater and the pullover style increase the action capacity of the clothes.

Although the slim fitting short style can wear a sense of elegance, it will lack a little femininity, so the sweater on the loose version can make you look gentle and pleasant.

Finally, when the double eleven arrives, I’ll teach you a move: high waist short coat and long leg yoga pants.

Big red itself is darker, so it avoids the visual accumulation feeling.

At the same time, red itself is also more attractive.

Thin people don’t look too good, and fat people are really big and visible to the naked eye.

Of course, the above style is a regular one, which can be matched arbitrarily according to your preferences.

Bandages, leggings and high heels look very sexy.

Fashion doesn’t need to be reminded.

After all, they look beautiful.

The matching rules of yoga pants, these three secrets! The rule of spring wear lies in the choice of style and style, and the matching of basic colors also accounts for a large part of the reason.

The overall collocation method is very simple.

The main thing is that it will create the same color collocation on shoes and tops, which can make the overall collocation very comfortable and fashionable.

Add red color block, red itself is a lively color, red and Yoga Pants together, can play a good decorative effect…

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