The beauty of wearing Yoga Pants shows the body, which seems to have become the mainstream fashion

The beauty of Yoga Pants shows the body, which seems to have become the mainstream fashion.

The matching of yoga pants has always been a headache for many people, especially for some spring and summer styles.

After wearing them all morning, they will want to return them immediately, otherwise the lower body will look thick and full of fat.

Therefore, a fluffy sling is matched with the upper body to cover the meat.

Unexpectedly, it will only make you look thick, The tight sling looks like a figure, and it doesn’t dare to compliment.

Let’s see the collocation! 1、 Elegant silk skirt: compared with the BF style of partial V-neck, the plain silk skirt is thin on the upper body and very slim.

The lower body is also freely matched with a wide woolen T-shirt, which is very suitable for matching jeans and canvas shoes.

Wearing a pair of relaxed glasses gives people a casual and elegant little fresh temperament.

Sweet Department: a white skirt is also a very white style.

The lower body is matched with a short T-shirt, half tied horsetail and a pair of glasses, which is very suitable for the student party and full of sweetness.

Temperament: the A-shaped skirt with deep V-neck design is challenging and has the effect of self-cultivation.

Put on a pair of black high heels, a thin shirt and white backing.

It is a simple and clean matching, which is very worth learning.

Leisure Department: the pants are matched with the same all white suspenders, with their own outspoken temperament.

They can also be matched with yellow shirts and loose sweaters.

They are thin and can lengthen the waist of small people.

They are very suitable for girls with long legs.

College Department: a set of light colored floral college style yoga pants, paired with off white single shoes, is very elegant and good-looking.

A pair of Harlan pants is also super versatile.

The wide ponytail can highlight the sweet temperament.

2、 Elegant department of light and thin skirt: yoga pants with cotton and hemp texture are also full of texture.

The half body is matched with a long knitted coat.

It is fluffy and matched with a pair of black high heels to reduce the age easily.

Compared with a little more leisure temperament, the red wide belt of the body jumps out of the breath of a delicate woman.

The similarly written letter printing is very energetic.

Sweet Department: a slim perspective Tulle yoga pants, with a fishtail style, with its own vacation flavor, loose version, giving people a lazy and comfortable feeling.

The loose style, with a lazy plaid shirt, can be tied with a knot at will, which is comfortable and casual.

Leisure Department: the suspender is matched with a knee length skirt.

Although the waist is closed, it is not thin.

The wide hem covers the meat on your legs and has no self-cultivation effect.

However, the upper body can be matched with a lazy and loose sweater, a versatile black sweater and a black crimped jeans to expose your upper body, which is very small and fresh, Make people look super fresh and reduce age.

Temperament Department: a light color light skirt, with a pair of Silver Ankle Boots, high-grade elegance and small sexy, with a retro port style, it is very easy to combine the sense of hierarchy and elegance, which not only enriches the style, but also can well cover the waist, and the arm also has its own ribbon design, with a feminine flavor…

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