These techniques in yoga make your body more flexible!

When practicing yoga, many Jia people feel distressed because of their rigid body, and even feel that they are not suitable for yoga.

  In fact, this phenomenon is too common.

Because if we exercise a little, our joints will naturally become stiff.

In addition, if we don’t understand our physical condition at the beginning, we will not adapt to it when practicing.

In fact, this is a normal process.

However, in this process, some people can quickly find their own advantages to adapt to practice, let the body learn to adapt faster, and master the skills of practice.

This is definitely the most important point to master in yoga practice! Although there is no magic pill to make you soft overnight, it is absolutely a good thing for the Jias to speed up the process of body softness.

In the process of practicing yoga, we can make our body softer faster through the following 6 skills.

1、 Set goals   There will be motivation if there is a goal! Before trying to be soft, be sure to understand what you want to be soft for? Do you want to do some difficult postures, such as monkey pose and camel pose, or relieve physical pain, such as bending your back to relieve back tension and pressure, or do baby pose to enjoy comfortable postures and brain relaxation.

Once you have a goal, go ahead and give yourself confidence and motivation.

This will be the best mentor in the process of becoming soft! 2、 Exercise flexibility by stretching better poses   There are many ways to improve flexibility, many different postures.

Moreover, some asanas can stretch more effectively and reach your goal faster than others.

Here are some basic postures: the back of the thigh: forward flexion, folding, back extension, etc; Hip: beam angle type, bird type, etc; Back: snake, dog, camel, bow; Chest and shoulders: lizard.

Practice these postures more.

The body will slowly stimulate the stiff joints in the stretching of these postures, so as to make the body flexible faster!   3、 Practice more   A common question about stretching and flexibility is: how often should I stretch? How long does it last?   I also hope to give you a definite answer.

I had these problems when I started stretching.

The real answer is: it varies from person to person.

It depends on how fast you want to reach your goal, whether you feel sore when you stretch, and how much time you want to invest.

Then analyze it in detail.

How often should I stretch? Generally speaking, if you want to step by step, stretch at least three times a week.

If you want quick results, you should stretch every day.

Sometimes you can stretch longer and deeper, but you should warm up first.

  How long should I stretch? Again, it’s up to you to decide, but it’s recommended to stretch each muscle for at least 30 seconds if you want to really work.

  If you can stretch specific muscle groups for at least one minute at a time, it’s best.

For example, my goal is to do splits, so I spend at least 1 minute doing each stretching pose to make my back thighs and hips flexible.

  When you stretch, try to stay comfortable and don’t stretch too much.

When you feel a little progress, deepen it.

Hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute.

  You will feel slight muscle pain a few days before the start, but this is normal and doesn’t mean you have to stop stretching.

If you continue to stretch the next day, the muscle pain will slowly disappear.

  Realizing that pain is normal means that your muscles are stretched.

Make sure to step by step and listen to your body.

If you feel pain, don’t stretch too much, or you will need to rest for weeks or months.

  4、 Make TV your partner   Shouldn’t Yoga be quiet? Why do you recommend watching TV? Because sometimes the stretching time is too long, it may be a little boring to repeat the same action every time.

  You can relax and exercise while watching TV dramas.

Just make sure you know what you’re stretching and don’t forget.

  5、 Take contrast photos before and after   Photos can witness your practice process.

You will find that your flexibility is deepening a little, and it will not be so easy to give up after seeing the effect.

  When I learned to cheat, I found that I had made so much progress without taking pictures.

Become more motivated and work harder.

  Try shooting every 2 weeks or depending on your progress to determine the time.

You can save it on your mobile phone or send it to wechat circle of friends.

  6、 One of the tools for using AIDS is the yoga belt.

Help you to do the asanas that you can’t do for the time being, maintain the positive position, and finally get rid of the yoga belt slowly.

  Another tool is Yoga brick.

This can ensure that the body is in the right position, and then slowly remove the Yoga brick, which is very helpful for stretching.

  In addition, we should also remind you that everyone’s physique and situation are different.

When practicing, don’t compare poses with others or what kind of effect you want to achieve.

Yoga itself is to seek more fun for yourself and make your body and mind feel comfortable.

At any time, don’t forget the original intention of yoga.

Finally, I hope everyone can enjoy this fun on the road of yoga and achieve their initial wish.

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