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This Saturday’s pregnant women’s class notice: assisted childbirth yoga, childbirth analgesia and child vaccination

Dinglingling ~ dinglingling ~ pregnant women’s school has opened.

There are professional, scientific, authoritative and practical pregnancy guidance, covering pre pregnancy, pregnancy, delivery All aspects of postpartum and newborn parenting accompany you to scientifically manage the pregnancy and childbirth period, teach you to be a qualified mother to be, gather experts from various departments here, have everything you want, and give your baby a healthy future.

Welcome mothers to be to share joy and care.

Course preview on October 30 class time: October 30 (Sunday) 08:30-11:00 a.m.

place of class: pregnant women’s school on the first floor of building 3 of our hospital.

Please scan the following QR code and above.

In case of any change, please refer to the information published on the wechat public platform of Xinxing County Maternal and child health hospital.

For more information on maternity courses, please pay attention to our wechat public platform…

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