Xingguo temple in Dingzhou City was built, and the annual Shurangama mantra joint practice and Yoga Yankou Dharma meeting were opened

If Leng Yan prospers, Buddha and Dharma prosper; When the Shurangama is destroyed, the Buddha Dharma is destroyed.

In order to pray for the Dharma to stay for a long time, enrich all living beings and provide practical opportunities for the public, Xingguo temple has specially set up a year-round Shurangama mantra joint practice Dharma meeting in the year of gengzi.

With the joint efforts of the monks, the Dharma meeting has achieved complete merit and virtue on the 24th of the twelfth lunar month.

I sincerely thank all the mages and Dharma believers who participated in this dharma meeting! As the epidemic situation still exists, in order to pray for the early rest of the epidemic situation, physical and mental health, peace and success of the public, our temple continues to recite the Shurangama mantra every day from the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month of the year of gengzi (February 6, 2021), and release Yoga fireworks at night for a period of one year.

We pray that all students will lose their intelligence, increase their blessings and wisdom, and see their wonderful sincerity.

The Dharma is rare.

Welcome the ten good faith rites, recite the Shurangama mantra, understand the secret sound of the Tathagata, appreciate the wonderful purpose of Shurangama, ascend the happy place and enter the door of Bodhi together.

I hope ten good believers will send their hearts to protect and jointly achieve this unique Dharma meeting! If you want to celebrate the merits of the Dharma Association, please contact the guest hall of our temple.

amitabha! Contact number of the guest room: 13080427179 (with wechat) Wang Jushi 18603321291 (with wechat) Bai gengzi in the guest room of Liu Jushi Xingguo Temple devoutly recites the merits and interests of the Shurangama mantra on the 25th of the twelfth lunar month.


It can eliminate all troubles and diseases quickly.


It can eliminate all the crooked ways in the world, and the right Dharma always exists.


Open wisdom quickly, the next root can be improved, and the decision-maker can achieve the supreme Bodhi.


Virtue and determination are born quickly, which can surpass all the determination in the world and become the ultimate determination.


It’s fast to become a precept.

If you break all precepts, you can recover the precept body by this method.


Practicing this dharma can make six relatives convert to Buddhism.


If you create all sins and practice this method, the sins will be eliminated and become a happy country.


If you have no merit, practice this method, and the ten Buddha blessings will be given to you.


You can die in any land by practicing this method.


Practice this dharma to achieve Buddha fruit in this life.

If you can publicize this dharma, it is no different from that of Sakyamuni Buddha.

How to recite the Shurangama mantra? The mantra is as simple and solemn as the general class requirements.

First adjust your body and mind.

When holding the mantra, don’t be too anxious.

You can meditate for a few minutes to relax your body and mind, or observe your breath before holding the mantra to help you concentrate, so as to avoid delusions.

After your body and mind are ready, you can recite the mantra hard, listen to your ears Although it is said that the body and mind need to be relaxed when holding the mantra, it does not mean that you can relax at will when holding the mantra, and you still need to concentrate on your ears, mouth, heart and body, mouth Use the mind to hold the mantra clearly.

Read and listen to each mantra clearly.

Do not vague things in pursuit of speed.

After the mantra is completed, return the mantra holding merit to merit and recite the mantra.

The merit is better than the boundless victory and blessing.

All return to the common wish to indulge in all sentient beings.

Go to the boundless light Buddha, all Buddhas, all Buddhas, all Bodhisattvas, Maha, Maha prajnaparami..

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