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Why is the lower abdomen always so fat? (Yoga sequence attached)

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Why is there fat in the lower abdomen when the whole body is very symmetrical? And it’s hard to lose…


People who are sedentary for a long time will get fat first.

Sedentary will lead to the accumulation of a lot of fat and affect normal metabolism.


Posture problems.

I like to nest in the sofa, play mobile phones, watch TV, drive for a long time, mahjong, etc.

for a long time, my body will unconsciously lean forward and my stomach will be prominent.


Eating habits like heavy taste diet and indigestible food.

In the long run, human waste accumulates in the intestines, causing abdominal distention, etc.

Share a set of super effective yoga moves to practice for the lower abdomen and get rid of fat ● tandem 1   ● starting from downward dog pose, the limbs take root in the sitting bones, find the ceiling to breathe in, the body center of gravity is pushed forward, the palm is pushed down, the core is tightened and exhaled, the elbow is bent down, the elbow is clamped in, 8 groups of dynamic exercises return to the inclined board, the body is opened to the left, the arms are in a straight line up and down, and the hips are raised, 8 groups on the left and right ● 2 in series   ● lie on your back, keep your lower back close to the ground, put your hands on both sides of your body, lift your right leg up, lift your left leg together, lift your hands up over your head and exhale, drop your legs to 60 °, drop your legs to 30 °, and then lift your legs up to 90 °, repeat 10 groups, and keep your lower back close to the ground ● 3 in series   ● swing your legs back from the last action, roll your belly and put your feet on the ground, straighten your legs, clasp your hands and exhale around the back of your head, bend your knees, roll your belly and touch your forehead, then exhale, twist your right left elbow and touch your right knee, and repeat 20 groups of exercises ● 4 in series   ● sit and stand against the wall.

After the boat is ready to remain stable, keep your feet away from the wall, keep your back straight as far as possible, exhale close to your knees, lower your knees slowly, and keep breathing for 5 hours.

Repeat 10 groups of exercises.

Finally, lie on your back and rub your lower abdomen with both hands.

When you insist on laughing, your abdominal muscles will feel pain.

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