Wearing yoga pants like this adds a little sexy to the lady wind, and the beauty is not monotonous

Wearing yoga pants like this adds a little sexy to the lady wind, and the beauty is not monotonous.

Matching skills of yoga pants if the clothes don’t fit, they will look very bloated and the lower body will look very fat.

Yoga pants can be the best way to adjust the body proportion.

Think about covering the lower body and what skirt to wear? The answer is that bra yoga pants are almost the only yoga pants that “wrap” the body.

They can not only cover the hips, but even the back.

Other types of yoga pants, no matter how long your skirt is, can’t show your upper body.

However, for those who are not used to wearing Strapless yoga pants, they will feel that the strapless yoga pants are somewhat bare.

To solve this problem, if the Yoga Pants really don’t fit, for example, they are too short and cover too much fat in the lower body, the upper body can’t be seen clearly.

Simply wear them like this.

Yoga pants with normal self-cultivation, such as a seven point A-shaped skirt, can expose most of the legs and the whole upper body, and the inclusiveness will be greatly increased.

It is more self-cultivation than wearing short yoga pants on the upper body.

Such lower body yoga pants can be matched with a skirt.

The lower body is divided into three or seven parts, so that the lower body is higher than the whole body.

No matter how loose, it is still very slim.

For skirts above the knee, choose over knee yoga pants, because the length of the skirt will be relatively long and the back will be exposed, but don’t choose the Hip Wrap Skirt with the feet closed.

If this kind of yoga pants, the pants will try to avoid over knee.

This kind of yoga pants can be worn by women and men with short legs.

Short yoga pants are more handsome.

Many people have a special preference for short yoga pants.

I don’t know whether it is because the long skirt is good-looking or the short skirt is cool.

For short yoga pants, they can better cover their shortcomings than the long skirt.

For people who don’t like to wear skirts, short yoga pants are the best choice.

Although the stars can’t afford short yoga pants, they also wear shirts.

The upper body is fat and the body proportion is coordinated.

You can wear short yoga pants.

Compared with thin and harmonious body proportion, medium and long yoga pants are more recommended.

The upper body, whether fat or thin, has a uniform body proportion.

The upper body is short.

Obese people will look strong if the skirt is too long, so yoga pants should be above the knee as far as possible.

As long as pants can cover all the fat in your lower body.

If your coat is not covered, you can show a little shoulder, arm and leg on your back, so you can see it more intuitively.

Women can show their long legs in skirts, and men can show their figure in skirts.

No matter whether the upper body is fat or thin, the body proportion is uniform.

It is recommended to wear short yoga pants.

If you wear long yoga pants, you can’t see the curve of your chest or hips.

The skirt length is too long and the upper body is short, which can only expose you.

It may not be obvious from the side.

If the upper body of yoga pants is fat, the lower body is plump, the lower body is short and fat, and the body proportion is poor, if the upper body is not too fat, the pants will choose to cross the knee, which can cover part of the body, and the length of the upper body not exceeding the knee is the best.

Whether the thighs or calves are plump, are the hips too prominent? Long yoga pants should avoid exposing all of themselves.

The upper body, hips and thighs are easy to be covered by other clothes.

If you have personality, you can show a little on your upper body to increase the attention of others…

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