Yoga pants are clothes for lazy people to wear quickly when they go out, and carefully select the suitable version, showing thin and

Yoga pants are clothes that lazy people wear quickly when they go out, and carefully select the suitable version to show thin and increased.

In the collocation of yoga pants, choosing white is the most common and safest.

But does the color you choose suit your complexion? Many people will have such distress.

No matter how they match, they always become the focus of brilliance, which has a lot to do with the color they choose.

Today, teacher Lele will share with you how to adjust the color of clothes according to skin color.

How to adjust the color of clothes according to skin color? Understand the basic knowledge of skin color.

Black skin is dark and suitable for dark colors, such as dark blue, black, camel, big red, nude, orange, dark coffee, and even bronze.

White skin, white complexion, suitable for light color, light color system, light color system, such as light beige, gray blue, sky blue, khaki, apricot, green, etc.

Those with yellow skin color should choose less colors with large gray scale, so as not to appear spiritless and dull.

In fact, in addition to choosing items with deep color and large floor area, skirts are the same.

Choose a coat and skirt with a darker color depth than the top, such as small black skirt, dark blue polo shirt and dark gray polo shirt.

Choose different colors for different skin colors.

In addition to maintaining the color of the top, the color of the bottom is also different.

For example, black skin is not suitable for red, yellow, orange, pink, rose red and other too bright colors.

The skin color is black and red.

We can choose light pink, light blue, yellow green, orange yellow, water green and blue.

Skin color is black, hair is yellow and slightly brown.

It is best to choose dark clothes, dark skin color, yellow and black.

You can choose dark blue, black, light blue, coffee, gray and other colors, which will make the skin look healthy and symmetrical.

In addition, men with dark skin are not suitable for dark color with light color clothes.

Gray, blue, dark gray and black are taboos for men with dark skin.

A typical demonstration of the correct collocation of dark skin color: people with dark skin color choose blue coats, hats, accessories, scarves and accessories, which has a strong contrast effect, making the skin look dark and gray, with a unique charm.

This collocation should meet three conditions at the same time.


The color saturation is appropriate and should not exceed 60% as far as possible.

In this way, there will be no sharp visual contrast between the top and the bottom.


The coat contrasts with the interior.

Similarly, the same color system is easier to make the skin look black.

For example, the dark colors of black, Navy, dark blue and dark red will look very contrary to wearing a whole set of blue on your body.

Orange, crimson and green, the coat and the inner match have the same contrast effect, which will not cause too much visual conflict.

The white background red in the figure above has a sense of expansion.

When matched with white inside, the visual contrast between the upper and lower body will be reduced, so that the lower body doesn’t look so fat.


The color and blackness of the inner layer and coat are appropriate.

First of all, the interior should have a certain color gap with the clothes on the lower body, but maintain a certain contrast…

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