Yoga | Ashtanga sun worship B Sanskrit count + Chinese password

Sanskrit count + Chinese password: Japanese worship B   (Surya namaskarab) 17 Vinyasa exhale, samastitih ekam (AI Kan n) 1 inhale, phantom chair DVE (Dory) 2 exhale, forward bend Trini (urge you) 3   Inhale, extend the spine, compact your hands, and raise your head catvari 4   Exhale, inhale from the inclined plate to the four pillars Pancha (Pancha) 5, enter the upper dog sat (Saudi Arabia) 6, exhale, enter the lower dog, change the position of his feet, enter the right soldier SAPTA (sand spray collapse) 7, inhale, raise his arm, look up, look at the thumb astau (asitou) 8, exhale, enter the inclined plate to the four pillars Nava (Nava) 9, enter the upper dog dasa (prawn) 10, exhale, Enter the lower dog, change your feet, go to the left Soldier 1, ekadasa 11 inhale, stretch your arms up, look up and exhale to the thumb dvadasa 12, enter the inclined plate to the four pillar trayodasa 13 inhale, the upper dog chaturdasa 14 exhale, lower dog inhale, exhale, look at the umbilical wheel, ugayi breathe, inhale and exhale, Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, length, width, depth 5, exhale pancadasa 15, inhale, extend the spine, raise your head, sodasa 16 exhale, push your hips up, lower your head, exhale and sink your hips, saptadasa 17 inhale, magic chair exhale, samastitih end..

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