New Yoga Life

Yoga is a continuous process. It will let you meet your best self!

Yoga is a continuous process.

It will let you meet your best self! Life can be ordinary, and the soul can’t be boring.

When practicing yoga, go to your inner self.

Don’t stop learning at any age.

On the way of practicing yoga, meet the unknown you   Infinite possibility yoga is not to please anyone, but to better yourself in your favorite time   Do what you like to do.

For example, the “Repetition” of yoga is the essence.

Every basic asana practiced repeatedly is to get closer to the goal and achieve the greatest physical and mental growth in repetition.

Sometimes I think this exercise is also like our life.

I read books, read the world, drink tea, taste life, and practice yoga, What is rich is the whole life.

In the world of yoga, the opening of the body is the process, the opening of the heart is the destination.

A woman is a book, the body is the cover, the appearance is the content, the temperament is on the shoulder, the youth is on the back, the vitality is on the abdomen, the confidence is on the legs, the health is in the posture, the temperament is in the posture, and you express yourself through the posture, It’s the most advanced fashion of women.

In this world, there is no natural person suitable for practicing yoga, but we all need to practice yoga.

Being old, stiff, obese and sub-health…

These are not the reasons to refuse yoga.

On the contrary, this is a signal that we need to practice yoga.

There are not many things that we can meet in our life that we like from the bottom of our heart.

If there are, You should fulfill yourself.

If you think about a person three times, go to see TA.

If you think about practicing yoga three times, you should take action   Teacher’s wechat ▼▼ yoga supplies are selected in the lower left corner of the recommended points for good classes and good things in the near future..

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