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Yoga pants can be said to be a classic in the wardrobe. The unique mature and steady style of professional women is very good

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          Yoga pants can be said to be a classic in the wardrobe.

The unique mature and steady of professional women is very good.

The matching of Yoga Pants mostly depends on the belt and some waist decoration, and pay attention to the color of shoes.

Even if you don’t tie the shoelaces, the style of only tying the belt can add a lot of points to the overall matching.

This time, the princess will share with you some beautiful shoes tying the belt.

Isn’t it very nice.


In short, Lefu shoes are a kind of shoes developed from the original leather sole.

The overall feature of Lefu shoes is the outsole.

Now there are Lefu shoes in the style of sports shoes.

The absorption of the outsole thickens the sense of weight of the shoes and makes the whole shoes look fine.

Lefu shoes are good in simple light color matching or daily matching with particularly simple color.

As commuter shoes for men and women in the workplace, they are a very good choice.

It can be matched with pants or trousers.

The dark color can be matched with tight fitting.

Because the sole of Lefu shoes is thick and beautiful enough, it is also possible to wear a casual sweater or sweater inside.


Lok Fu shoes are matched with the most Lok Fu shoes, which has a great relationship with the popularity of Lok Fu shoes.

In particular, it is the best choice to wear legging or polo shirts.

Many times, the matching of Lok Fu shoes needs to be completed with a high-heeled shoe.


There are many styles of sports shoes.

I suggest you choose a pair of basic shoes.

You usually wear more or go out often, such as sports shoes, Martin shoes, thick heel ankle exposed boots, and some cool men’s sports shoes can be used as sports shoes.


Long boots are a common matching way of Lok Fu shoes.

The feature of long boots is that the outsole is usually black, and the adhesive tape on it is not easy to scratch, which is particularly convenient to wear.

It’s also very versatile.

You can use loose leggings to match your pants, or you can tuck your coat in.

You can wear a coat inside.


In addition to loafers, Oxford Shoes, which are popular in many street photos, are also the matching method of loafers and are highly praised.

Oxford shoes are an old brand with horizontal carved uppers, which is easy to match.

In short, the collocation of Lefu shoes is good in simple light color collocation or daily collocation, but Lefu shoes can’t wear all coats.

Some coats with long hem can’t be matched.

For example, if you wear them like this, you can wear Khaki high top or black leather shoes with white loose sweater, which is simple and versatile…

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