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Yoga Meditation: functional music to open the wisdom of the top chakra (necessary for collection)

Top chakra tonight, I share with Jia people a piece of top chakra clearing music.

The top chakra is the top of the seven chakras, also known as conscious chakra Sahasrara is in charge of 1000 nerve lines in the limbic system at the top of the brain, so the ancients used 1000 petals of lotus to represent it.

The seven chakras connected by the midvein are the channels of human body energy, and from top to bottom are the top chakra and the eyebrow heart chakra (three eye chakra) , throat chakra, heart chakra, sun chakra, navel chakra, sea chakra.

Find a comfortable meditation position and give yourself 10 minutes to feel the energy brought by this music.

Top chakra color: Purple position: top of head (position of Baihui) Organs: pineal gland and upper gland of brain: pineal gland, which is connected with dendrite plexus.

Function: when energy is sufficient, it is of great help to the integration of body and mind.

The heart and spirit are connected together.

It will integrate human beings with divinity and combine divinity with human destiny.

The success of what one wants is related to this round.

This round of energy deficiency is easy to lead to head diseases, deafness, eye swelling and migraine , insomnia, heart disease, mental illness and dysfunction of the whole body.

After healing this energy center, you can clearly feel all the life energy around you, better understand the benign energy released by nature, feel and understand the plight of others, and know when and how to help them.

Long term listening is conducive to spiritual practice.

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