Yoga Pants wear demonstration, choose the right skirt girls, very comfortable

Yoga Pants wear demonstration, choose the right skirt girls, very comfortable.

There are many collocations of yoga pants.

Different styles and colors can create different comfort.

Among them, only Chiffon can perfectly integrate with it, elegant and immortal.

Ruffles, gradient colors, or chest length skirts full of falling feeling show us amazing charm.

What magic will they produce with the combination of chiffon materials? Pure Chiffon clothes also live into a thousand miles of Acacia fireworks in the cycle of the four seasons.

Mix and match flounced chiffon to gallop freely in pure and soft beauty; In spring, I can wear snow and flowers in full bloom.

In autumn, I can also wear red yoga pants.

In addition, I can wear Tulle skirts in winter, and cool suspender skirts and off shoulder suspender skirts in summer.

So, what kind of chiffon items can you choose to match them? Vigorous Chiffon pieces are well known.

Different color combinations will visually show different high-level feelings.

Some people like small-area ornaments, such as large-area wave spots and western structural patterns.

Some people will be more interested in contrasting colors.

The collision of colors on Chiffon presents a strong sense of beauty.

For example, the combined colors with large contrast collide with a sense of jumping.

Of course, vigorous Chiffon pieces are not only limited to the choice of color contrast and color matching, but also large color blocks, color matching collision, etc.

But ladies can be sweet and lively, and can be ol casual shirt + chiffon skirt.

Such a combination has a seemingly contradictory “1 + 1 > 2” but can be properly applied in actual wearing, which can better highlight the comfort of chiffon skirt.

The combination of white and camel is not impossible.

In addition, matching with a trinket, such as a bracelet or watch or necklace, can give this combination a sense of delicacy.

This combination has many small tips, which can be flexibly applied in actual wearing.

For example, when a chiffon coat / coat is matched with a chiffon skirt, be sure to highlight the long sleeved shirt or sweater, so that the chiffon skirt looks like a peach blossom blooming in the snow.

You can also choose light and dark double-layer Chiffon shirts to match.

Compared with single-layer Chiffon shirts, there will be a little bright spot.

When the weather is colder, you can add velvet backing, or match it with thick knitwear and high collar backing, which can improve the brightness.

The reason for wearing this way is that there is no need to destroy the texture of the original clothes, but to improve the color matching on Chiffon materials to make them show a more elegant and lightweight effect.

Split chiffon skirt.

The split design gives the skirt a sense of hierarchy.

The upper body of the item is smoke white and the lower body is lavender, showing a pink and tender texture.

The long chiffon skirt can be built with a denim jacket or a bottomed shirt to make the two fabrics mix and match.

You can also choose single shoes / flats with fitted yoga pants.

The upper body colors at the ankles and hips are elegant and generous.

The high waist design is higher with the high waist long skirt.

If the chiffon skirt is relatively inflated, it can be matched with a longer coat or a half skirt with legs to lengthen the proportion, which can highlight the beautiful legs.

Match with suspender Chiffon Skirt / long skirt.

In this combination, you can choose sexy suspender Chiffon Skirt / long skirt and elongated suspender skirt…

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