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Yoga physiotherapy, 8 small exercises to effectively relieve shoulder and neck pain

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! American spinal surgery experts have found that long-term hunching and looking down at mobile phones are easy to cause spinal injury.

Because of the gravity of the earth, when the head bends forward, the cervical spine will bear great pressure.

Look at your mobile phone at work, on the way to work, and at dinner parties…

Looking down at your mobile phone for a long time can easily lead to cervical spondylosis, memory loss, vision problems, mental tension and various chronic pain.

It is urgent to save the bow head people and physiotherapy the shoulder and neck.

Today, I recommend 8 exercises that can effectively alleviate the shoulder and neck pain.

If you practice every day, there will be no problems with the shoulder and neck.


Easy sitting + relax the back of the neck   Sit simply and inhale to extend the spine   Put your hands on your knees, exhale and relax your shoulders   Slowly lower your chin to your chest   Extend the back of the neck and keep breathing for 2-3 hours   Exhale your chin to the right and look for your right shoulder   Maintain 2-3 breaths and restore   The chin looks to the left for the left shoulder   Keep 2-3 breaths and return to upright 2.

Simple sitting + relax both sides of the neck   Sit simply with your hands on your sides   Inhale and extend the spine, with the right hand up   Place on the left side of the head and exhale close to the right shoulder   Pay attention to keeping the head moving in a plane   Keep 2-3 breaths and change to the other side.


Cat cow pose – flex the whole spine   Kneel and stand on the mat   Open your hands and knees as wide as your hips   Inhale, raise your head and lift your chest, and exhale with your chest arched back   Pay attention to the slow and controlled movement   Stretch the flexible spine section by section   Repeat exercises 5-8 groups 4.

Latch variant – strengthen neck muscles   Kneel and stand on the mat   Open your right foot outward and support your left hand on the ground   Keep your knee and right foot in line   Put your right hand behind your body   Extend the spine with the head on the extension line of the spine   Lower your head, face your nose to the ground, and then turn your head slowly   Nose to ceiling   Repeat 5-8 times, change the other side 5.

Downward dog pose – extend and lengthen the spine   Lie prone on the cushion surface, with your feet as wide as your hips   Put your hands on both sides of your chest   Exhale, hips up, arms straight   You can bend your knees slightly to keep your spine extended   Stay for 5-8 breaths.


Hold your arms and bend forward – relax your spine   Cross your fingers on the back of your head   Inhale to extend the spine and exhale the torso forward and downward   Bend your knees slightly to allow the spine to fully extend and relax downward   Keep 5-8 breaths.


Stretch your shoulders and chest   Stand facing the wall   Open the right arm and raise it horizontally   Bend your elbow against the wall and point your fingertips directly above   Exhale and open to the left   Stretch your shoulders and chest   Hold 5-8 breaths and change sides   Repeat 2-3 groups of 8, ATY word exercises – strengthen shoulder and neck strength   Lie prone on a yoga mat   Put your forehead on a folded towel   Keep the neck in a neutral position   Arms on both sides, palms down   The whole body forms an “a” shape   Point your hand and thumb up to the ceiling   Tighten your shoulder blades and lift your arms   Repeat the exercise 15 times   Stretch your hands to your sides   The thumb points to the ceiling   The body forms a “t” shape and the shoulder blades are tightened   Raise your arms and return to your initial position   Repeat the exercise 15 times   Move your hands 45 degrees forward and form a “Y” shape   Tighten your shoulder blades and lift your arms   Return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Finally, we need to remind you that all the above exercises must be carried out slowly and under control, and ensure that the spine, especially the neck, is stretched and strengthened on the premise of positive position, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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