Yoga teacher’s private collection of 3 kinds of inverted tutorial diagrams, from zero foundation to off wall

Provide you with three ways to practice handstand at home.

You can choose according to your own situation.


Handstand through the door frame.

This handstand method is no exaggeration to say that whether you have a foundation before or not, you can successfully stand up for the first time.

But how long it lasts depends on your core and arm strength.

Therefore, this method can make people adapt to the feeling of handstand, cultivate the sense of direction of the body under the condition of handstand, and lay the foundation for the real handstand.

Specific practice methods: 1.

In the figure below, stand on one side of the door frame with your feet bent forward, and support the ground with your hands on the other side of the door frame.

Add: some people will feel that the door frame is too narrow.

In fact, you can’t bend forward well.

At this time, your feet can be placed on the outside of the door frame (as shown in the figure above) 2.

In the figure below, tilt the center of gravity forward, bend your knees, keep your feet off the ground, and your lower legs or feet against the door frame.

Add: you can also make your hips and back against the door frame.


In the figure below, slide your feet up to the highest in turn.

(small picture on the left) 4.

If you have the ability in the figure below, you can find the door frame on the side behind your body with your feet.

Add: if you want to keep the movement for a long time, you must tighten the core, and all forces go towards the ceiling instead of pressing down.


Complete the head elbow handstand with the help of the wall.

The head elbow handstand is the simplest handstand and the handstand method that requires the least body strength.

Lean against the wall In the head and elbow handstand, you should learn the skills and methods of handstand, and how to master the balance point of the body and find the balance point of the body in the handstand.

The balance in the handstand is very important, and the handstand can also be regarded as a balance action.

If you can master the head and elbow handstand skillfully, it is only a matter of strength to unlock other handstands.

Specific practice methods: 1.

Find a wall in the following figure, preferably two At the included angle of the wall, kneeling fingertips touch the wall to determine the distance between the elbows of both hands and the wall.

Protect the elbows of both hands and hug each other to determine the distance between the elbows of both hands.

After the two distances are measured, the elbows will not move, the fingers of both hands will be clasped, the palm center will form a semicircle, one side of the little finger will press the ground, the center of gravity will move forward, the body will bend forward, Baihui acupoint will be placed in the middle of both hands, and the palm will hold the back of the head.


The center of gravity in the figure below Lift your hips, straighten your legs, bend your knees and lift your right foot upward, so that the front of your right thigh is infinitely close to your abdomen.

You can keep a group of breathing here.


The left foot follows and interferes with your right leg, stabilize your shoulders and core, tighten your abdomen, and slowly lift your knees upward.

This step is very important.

Your lower legs and feet should control the center of gravity of your body and maintain the balance of your body.

Your knees should be upward, but not downward Too much, or people will fall back.

But if you don’t lift enough or bow your back, you can’t stand up at all, and you don’t even have a chance to fall.

So you must find a balance point in this step.


As a beginner, it is recommended to hook your toes back and push your heels towards the ceiling.


L-shaped wall handstand.

This handstand can exercise your arms Strength, shoulder stability and core strength training can lay a solid foundation for the back handstand.

Specific practice methods: 1.

In the following figure, find a wall, sit down with your back to the wall and straighten your legs.

Remember that the position of your left heel is the position of your palm.


In the following figure, put your palms in the position of your heels just now, with your feet competing with your shoulders separately, your arms straight on the ground and your heels Reach the wall (downward dog pose) 3.

In the figure below, move the body’s center of gravity forward and walk up with both feet to make the body in a straight line.

Tighten the core and keep it in line.


In the figure below, you can also challenge your hands to walk forward.

These three kinds of handstands can be well mastered.

The core, skills and methods and the feeling of handstand are all available.

Try to challenge the handstand off the wall.

Pay attention to everything and share health and beauty…

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