How long do you practice yoga? Just look at your fingers and toes!

Source: Yoga Road (ID: Yoga Road)                        If the body is a tree, then the foundation is the core, the branches are limbs, and the branches are fingers and toes.

                             Whether a tree has strong vitality depends on its branches and leaves.

Whether a body spreads awareness to the whole body depends on the toes and fingers.

                                 In yoga class, the most common mistake for beginners is: when the palm is pressed on the ground and the fingers are relaxed, the pressure will come to the palm heel and wrist, and the strength can not be sent from the ground to the arm to the shoulder.

When both feet step on the ground, the toes will grasp the ground nervously, or the inner side of the foot is loose, so it is difficult to balance when standing on one leg.

When standing on the leg, the toes always slip out, not because of sweating, but because power awareness is not sent to the toes.

The core is stable when air sinks into the Dantian; When Qi and blood circulate, the fingers and toes expand.

On the way to fingers and toes, there are meridians.

When you stay in some yin yoga postures for a long time, you will feel numb in your toes or fingers.

That is because the meridians are blocked.

When you maintain the postures, it is a process of gradual dredging.

Yoga practice, lies in the details, lies in the subtle level.

Anatomically, there are many small muscles that control fingers and toes.

These tiny muscles are distributed in the small arms, palms, calves and soles of feet.

These tiny muscles become lazy and unaware because of lack of practice.

By consciously unfolding toes and fingers, start small muscles, open meridians and energy channels, and let Qi flow freely.

With a stable and powerful core, you can “fly”.

This seemingly effortless outside lies in the inner power and awareness.

Are your fingers and toes aware of Yoga? Bring awareness to every corner of the body and Qi to every corner of the body.

Let the light of awareness illuminate every corner of the body…

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