New Yoga Life

Lazy yoga, lying down for 6 minutes every day, makes you too thin to stop!

Lie in bed and practice 8 yoga postures to enjoy weight easily 1.

Yoga – rolling exercise 2.

Yoga – feet stretching 3.

Yoga – chest lifting 4.

Yoga – pelvis rolling   5.

Yoga – supine spine rotation 6, yoga – side waist extension 7, yoga – 100 times preparatory pose 8, yoga – curl up lift six actions to completely strengthen rectus abdominis, external oblique abdominis, internal oblique abdominis, and transverse abdominis.

Do each action for 30-60 seconds and rest for 1 minute for the next action.

As long as it takes only 6 minutes to do it 3-5 times a week, you can have vest line, long legs and thin arms.

MM who wants to lose weight and is lazy is right to do this set!..

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