Huang Yi takes his daughter to practice yoga in the mountains and forests. They interact with each other and have love. The mother and

On the afternoon of November 2, after a long absence, Huang Yi exposed the daily life of her mother and daughter, and released a group of photos of experiencing immersive landscape yoga with her daughter Huang Qianling, with an encouraging text attached.

Huang Yi said that he had met many girls without self-confidence.

They were anxious about their appearance and figure and felt that they were not good enough.

For this, Huang Yi encouraged them to exercise.

The change of exercise is not only in their figure, but also in their mentality.

I hope every girl can be brave and confident to be herself.

Huang Yi, who is doing yoga with her daughter, quietly enjoys the parent-child time.

Naturally, her mood is particularly bright.

She happily wrote: “follow me and Bao to do yoga and feel the beauty from nature and the joy of sports”.

Huang Yi practices yoga in a pink Yoga suit.

As soon as he comes up, he enlarges his moves and directly makes a folding yoga pose.

The action standard is powerful.

He is really a person who insists on practicing yoga all the year round.

Looking at Huang Qianling, she also followed her mother’s steps and perfectly made the same difficult action as her mother.

Huang Yi and his daughter bowed down together with full flexibility.

The posture of mother and daughter was like copying and pasting, standing in the forest like two bridges.

The painting style was harmonious, quiet and beautiful.

Huang Yi meditated with her daughter.

At the age of 8, Huang Qianling became more and more beautiful.

Compared with her childhood, when she grew up, she became more like her mother Huang Yi.

Huang Yi, born in 1977, is 44 years old this year.

However, from his yoga photos, his body shape and temperament have not changed much from his youth, and he is still beautiful and generous.

Huang Yi and his daughter started the competition mode.

The flexibility of the mother and daughter is really a competition.

At the same time, the mother and daughter with beautiful movements are filled with the same confident smile on their faces.

The picture is warm and full of love.

Huang Yi, who has experienced two marriages, although her love life is not satisfactory, but now she is in a better state as a single mother.

Huang Yi is 44 years old this year, but she is not afraid of the growth of age.

She once said that the best age is not 18, but now.

She is independent and confident.

It can be said that she has become the envy of many girls.

Not only did she get better and better, but she also educated her daughter Huang Qianling very well.

8-year-old Huang Qianling is proficient in dancing, painting and swimming.

She is versatile.

Moreover, she not only pays attention to the cultivation of her daughter’s talents, but also pays attention to the guidance of her daughter’s correct values.

Some time ago, Huang Yi took his daughter on the long march again, and warned her daughter to think about the source after drinking water and not forget her origin.

I have to say that Huang Yi, who leads his daughter by example, is really great.

Look forward to seeing her share more!..

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