Yoga tree pose for a few minutes every day to find a sense of balance and become more and more confident

Tree pose is a simple entry-level pose and the most common pose in yoga.

This pose can effectively enhance balance, concentration, flexibility and strength.

However, it seems simple, in fact, many yoga lovers often make mistakes in this pose.

So let’s talk about the mistakes that are easy to occur in the tree pose and explain the solution to you.


Stepping on the knee is actually very unsafe.

Because of its anatomical structure, the knee is a less stable joint.

In tree pose, pressing the foot on the medial edge of the knee will produce a bowstring effect, which will damage the medial ligament for a long time.

Solution: put your feet above or below your knees.


Leg instability and shaking, which may be due to your degree of concentration.

It may also be the result of unstable leg standing.

You can find a staring point, but if the standing leg has no strength, it is difficult to maintain balance for a long time.

Solution: raise the knee by tightening the leg muscles to improve the stability of the standing leg.


Dislocation of hip joint in any version of tree pose, it is your body’s natural response to raise the hip joint bending the knee, but it will produce misalignment in the pelvis and lower back, and then spread upward to the whole body.

Solution: lower your legs a little and put your hands on your hips to make sure they are aligned.


The arch back posture is not backward bending, but sometimes, focusing on balancing or strengthening the standing legs, we can’t see our back and core strength.

The fact is that this adjustment will keep you longer.

The solution: pull up your abdomen and try to retract your navel.

Now press your hips forward and lift your chest.


Ankle hyperextension in standing semi lotus tree pose, the ankle is located in the groin and the upper thigh near the groin.

This makes it easier for you to bind, but the ankle is not bent, which will produce excessive tension on the external ligament of the ankle joint.

With practice, our ankle will be more prone to sprain.

Solution: just bend the foot and straighten the joint.

It will make it more tense and may make any arm binding or toe standing transition more challenging, but it can ensure ankle health.

Asana changes add additional challenges to balance by raising your eyes up or closing your eyes.

Try standing on an uneven surface (such as a folded blanket or mat), which will challenge your balance and strengthen the small muscles of your ankles and feet.

You can practice tree pose by placing your right foot in a half lotus, grasping your foot with your right arm, and hooking your thumb and index finger to your big toe.

It can also be folded into a half lotus to stand and bend forward…

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