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Morning yoga 6 asanas, Qingchang shaping!

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    Six morning yoga poses can be completed in the bedroom.

Open the window to let the fresh air in the morning ~ wake up every cell with yoga.

Maybe I feel great all day.

More and more people around begin to practice yoga.

The ancient physical and mental cultivation method from India has won more and more followers in the world.

Even many doctors take regular yoga classes as a treatment plan for specific diseases.

If you don’t want the precious morning time to slip through your fingers, you can practice this 6-type bed yoga and keep practicing, which can not only make you mentally full to start a new day, but also make your lifestyle more orderly and healthy.


Baby style   Kneel down on the cushion in a simple sitting position, put your feet and thumbs together, put your hands gently on your thighs, open your shoulders and press down slightly.

When exhaling, move both hands to both sides of the body.

The upper body starts from the caudal vertebra, relax and fall in front of the net section by section until the abdomen is close to the thigh, the chest is on the knee, the forehead is close to the ground, close both eyes, relax facial muscles, relax the body and breathe evenly.

Focus on your body for 1-5 minutes.


Cat cow style   This position is ideal for muscle contraction and relaxation.

Kneeling position, arms inward and thighs perpendicular to the ground, and back, face and neck parallel to the ground.

Exhale, slowly pull down the tailbone and head, arch the back, retract the lower abdomen, and look at the tightened lower abdomen.

Inhale, slowly raise your head, pull your tailbone up and press your lower abdomen towards the ground.

Repeat 5-8 times and relax.

Repeat five rounds.


Leg strengthening back extension   Sit with your legs straight forward, your upper body straight, and your arms hanging beside you.

Inhale, lift your hips above your head, stick them to your ears, stretch them upward as far as possible, and move your palms forward.

Exhale, slowly close your body to the upper side of your legs and lower your arms.

Inhale, hold your big toes with both hands, straighten your back, look up at the top, and stretch your back to the maximum.

Exhale, put your body on your legs, hold your ankles with your hands, and put your forearms on the floor next to your legs.

Inhale and return to step 1, which can be repeated 6 times.


Supine spinal torsion   Lie on your back, stretch your left leg and keep it straight, bend your right knee and lift it into the air.

Turn your hips and bend your right knee to the left of your body, with your upper body still centered.

Keep breathing for 3-5 groups, then change the left leg and repeat the exercise for two groups.


Sitting arm extension   Bend your knees together, put your insteps on the ground, and kneel down on your heels.

As you inhale, lift and extend your arms with your hands on your head.

Stretch your back and arms back and stop for 5 deep breaths.


Simple sitting prayer   This is a very ideal meditation posture, which is conducive to calm self-consciousness, reflect on the heart and find the real self.

Sit on the bed with your knees bent, find a comfortable position, put your hands in front of your chest, and keep your spine straight.

Calm your heart and breathe comfortably here.

Every morning should be a positive and open day.

Practicing these 6 asanas every day can help you realize yourself, create a new morning ceremony, enhance physical flexibility, cultivate mindfulness and gratitude, and quickly develop healthy morning habits.

Note: all yoga exercises are not recommended to be carried out in a soft bed.

To reduce the damage to the body, it is best to carry out on a yoga mat! The contents of the official account indicate that the copyright is owned by all the original sources (which can not verify the copyright or do not indicate the source)..

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