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Simple three style yoga, return your slender back

1、 Essentials of simple roll Yoga: head weight directly acts on the neck to create a beautiful neck curve.

At the same time, because the pelvis and bone joints can be adjusted, it is suitable for people with “O” shaped legs and “X” shaped legs.

Step 1 kneel down, put your feet on the right, bend your knees into 90 degrees and take a breath.

Step 2 while exhaling, slide your right hand along the ground and dump your upper body to the right.

With the weight of the head, tilt the neck naturally to the right, breathe deeply for 10 seconds, and vice versa.

Note: 2.

Essentials of simple rabbit Yoga: soften the spine and neck and remove fat.

Because it stimulates the top of the head, it can make the scalp and hair grow.

This is for the neck   Effective shoulder.

Step1 double kneeling support, hands in front of knees.

Step 2 exhale, the upper body falls forward, and the forehead contacts the ground.

Step3 inhale and lift your hips to the ground.

While supporting your body with the top of your head and hands, breathe deeply for 10 seconds.

Note: III.

essentials of simple vulture Yoga: promote blood circulation from shoulder to arm, relieve fatigue and create beautiful and slender arms.

Because it stimulates the inner side of the scapula, it can relieve shoulder pain and headache.

It is recommended to practice when you are tired.

It is effective for arms, neck, shoulders and chest.

Step1 sit with your legs crossed, your right arm bent in front of your chest, your fingers up, and your palm facing yourself.

Step2   The left arm extends downward from the right arm.

Exhale and pull the right elbow to the left with the force of the left arm.

  Step3 breathe naturally and twist your face to the right.

Fully stretch your neck and shoulders for 10 seconds and vice versa…

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