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18 yoga postures, not only the legs are strong, but also the leg shape is better!

Share a set of Yoga sequence to strengthen the strength of legs for everyone.

Yoga in this way can not only strengthen the legs, but also beautify the leg shape! Pose 01, downward dog pose enters downward dog pose and stops for 5-8 breathing poses 02, downward dog pose with one leg inhales, right leg is raised backward to enter downward dog pose with one leg to maintain 3-5 breathing poses 03, trans dog pose enters downward dog pose with one leg to maintain 3-5 breathing poses 04, warrior takes two breaths, right leg moves towards the middle of both hands, right hip rotates outward, enters warrior pose and maintains 3-5 breathing poses 05 Inhale in the side angle pose, the right hand falls on the right thigh and exhale, the left hand extends to the right and enters the side angle pose, maintaining 3-5 breathing postures 06.

Inhale in the reverse triangle pose, straighten the right leg, straighten the right hand upward and exhale, tighten the core, and bend the right hand to the left to maintain 3-5 breathing postures 07.

Withdraw from the reverse triangle pose, squat to the left, rotate the left hip outward, and hook the right toe back to the core to tighten, Keep your waist and back straight, keep 3-5 breathing postures 08.

Turn from side squat to start, bend your left leg, push your right leg back, tighten the core, keep 3-5 breathing postures 09.

Stand forward and return to stand forward, keep 3-5 breathing postures 10.

Stand with one leg hip flexion, return to mountain exhale, tighten the core, bend your left leg hip, bend your knee and lift up to keep 3-5 breathing postures 11 Soldier 3 exhale, tighten the core, straighten the hip, straighten the left leg backward, enter soldier 3, and maintain 3-5 breathing postures.


As soon as the soldier exits from soldier 3, the left leg falls back and inhales, hands up, and the spine extends into Soldier 1, and maintain 3-5 breathing postures.


As soon as the goddess exits from the soldier, enter the goddess, rotate the hip outward, exhale the toes and knees outward, and tighten the core, Slightly curl the tailbone, keep the waist and back straight, and keep 3-5 breathing postures.


Soldier II exits the goddess pose, enters soldier II, right hip rotates outward, right leg bends its knees, and the core is tightened, and keeps 3-5 breathing postures.


In the starting pose, turn from soldier II, enter the starting pose, left leg bends its knees, right leg pushes back, and the core is tightened, and keeps 3-5 breathing postures.


Four pillar support – upper dog pose – lower dog pose exit from the starting pose, Enter the four pillar support to inhale, enter the upper dog exhale, return to the lower dog and stay for 5-8 breathing tips: the above sequence starts from pose 01 and continues to practice on the other side- Recommendation – Yoga station breathing meditation reading life yoga..

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