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I just realized that the abdominal tightening in yoga practice is not sucking the stomach, but

In yoga class, basically all pose teachers require to tighten the abdomen.

When new students tighten the abdomen, they usually suck the stomach.

However, the abdominal tightening here is not sucking the stomach.

Why abdominal tightening? During yoga practice, the abdominal tightening will make you more powerful, and the corresponding other parts of the upper body (waist, back and hips) will also be tightened to make the upper body more powerful and keep the body stable to practice the posture behind.

How to tighten the abdomen? Abdominal tightening is a state in which the abdominal muscles exert force.

It is difficult to see the change through the outside when there is fat package.

At this time, gently poke the abdomen with your fingers to feel the hardness of the abdominal muscles.

Note: fat people can only touch fat.

Reduce fat quickly.

The first step is to lie on your back on the cushion and put a heavy object on your abdomen (thick book, dumbbell, etc.); The second part is to drum up the abdomen and drag up the heavy objects.

At this time, the abdominal muscles are in a state of force tightening.

Remember this feeling of the abdominal muscles and maintain it.

Method 2: choose the mountain stance and try to bulge the stomach to the limit.

At this time, the abdominal muscles on the stomach are also tightened.

There is a difference between abdominal tightening at this time and abdominal tightening when rolling up.

(abdomen curling state) tighten the abdomen in the abdomen curling, which is mainly caused by the upward and inward lifting and squeezing of the abdominal muscles by the upper or lower body.

The length of the abdominal muscle is compressed and shortened, which is similar to the compression spring, which shortens the spring and increases the elastic force.

In yoga asana, the abdominal muscles are tightened and the upper body remains upright, which is equivalent to the two sections of the spring are fixed, and the middle part of the spring is pulled to form an elastic force.

In fact, stomach sucking is also a kind of abdominal muscle tightening.

Hahaha, don’t worry, I won’t let myself hit my face.

Why do abdominal muscles tighten? The abdominal muscle is equivalent to a spring.

When the two sections of the spring are fixed, you grasp the middle part of the spring and pull it at any angle, the spring will have elasticity, that is, the abdominal muscle will tighten.

So whether it’s sucking the stomach or exhaling the stomach, the abdominal muscles will change.

It’s just that in yoga practice, we don’t use the stunt of sucking the stomach when tightening the abdominal muscles? Why not suck? When you inhale, the limit is received in your stomach, and there is no spare space for the diaphragm.

At this time, you should keep breathing.

In order to keep sucking your stomach all the time, you must use chest breathing! Should you understand? We generally do not recommend chest breathing unless for special purposes.

When the stomach bulges, only the abdominal muscles bulge, which does not affect the freedom of the diaphragm anatomically.

In other words, you can still use abdominal breathing when your stomach is bulging! Not satisfied? Try it yourself.

Breathe in and keep your stomach still.

If you can breathe abdominal, I’ll lose!..

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