A variety of styles of yoga pants match, the modeling style is quiet and beautiful, cool and fashionable

A variety of styles of yoga pants match, the modeling style is quiet and beautiful, cool and fashionable.

The matching of yoga pants has always been a headache in wearing.

How do you look comfortable? How can you match it to be both slim and long? Method 1: wear directly with hem (jeans, knitted / cotton skirt).

In addition to Capris and Capris, straight shorts and long skirts are the best choice in autumn.

Just choose a light cotton or knitted skirt for the top, exposing half of the ankle, and the recently popular middle boots expose the long legs.

If you wear it like this, it is recommended to choose the pants with fluffy and drooping feeling, because it is easier to be bloated in autumn, and the pants with soft and drooping feel more thin waist and long legs.

Or replace it with chiffon knitwear and loose pants.

When walking, you can show half of your ankles.

It’s very nice to mop the floor sleeves or tuck them into the hem.

The classic pieces from summer are still versatile and classic.

Method 2: long up and short down (umbrella skirt, A-line skirt) umbrella skirt and A-line skirt are popular items this autumn, but it’s best to choose some versions that are close to the body, so they look better.

Or choose a pleated umbrella skirt at the waist to slim down.

If you choose an umbrella skirt and don’t like over the knee, you can choose a half body umbrella skirt.

Method 3: short up and long down (baby skirt) baby skirt was also very popular last year.

It will still be hot this year.

Girls with short legs can wear baby skirts in such lengths.

The upper body is randomly stuffed into the skirt, and the lower body is matched with solid color knitting or chiffon.

Or with short boots, loose or too thin legs will give people a bloated feeling.

In addition to the baby skirt, the upper body of the flare skirt can also be matched with a jacket with flare sleeve length.

Or the upper body is long, the lower body is short, and there are wrinkles at the waist of the A-line skirt.

You can also choose this version of the doll skirt.

If you don’t like slim fitting, trousers, fashionable skirt and knitted / cotton skirt can also be selected.

Method 4: the skirt with short upper part and long lower part (eight minute length) has more temperament than the straight skirt…

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