Yoga pants with a variety of styles, do not look tender and old, white sneakers

Yoga pants with a variety of styles, do not look tender and old, white sneakers.

This issue is devoted to the matching of yoga pants.

If you mention yoga pants, are you willing to turn over all the yoga pants in your wardrobe, but this process is actually a very time-consuming process, because the process of wearing yoga pants is actually a process of repeated selection and matching, which is too painful, We need to find a top priority among many choices.

For example, when we buy Chiffon yoga pants, there are several choices to wear Chiffon yoga pants.

In addition, there is another problem that can not be ignored when wearing Chiffon yoga pants, that is, it is not easy for chiffon yoga pants to match Chinese and foreign clothes, and it will wrinkle when mixed with specific clothes, or when wearing Chiffon yoga pants, It may be very easy to wear, but if you want to match it with a middle coat, it will affect the style and effect of the whole shape because the thin and transparent neckline of chiffon yoga pants is easy to go out, of course, mixing and matching will be relatively easy in this process, mainly because you must figure out how to match all kinds of clothes, For example, when we look at a little Japanese sister, she wears loose Chiffon yoga pants and a pink blouse.

To be honest, this is not very good-looking, because there is a black neckline between them, which is not our favorite pink, and the whole collocation has only one color, which is very special at this time, So if you don’t want to be too alternative, the whole dress is actually not suitable.

Let’s talk about my personal selection.

In this tutorial, I mainly tell you how to dress diversity.

The first is to match a variety of shoes with yoga pants.

We must have two shoes.

You must see that when one shoe is very single, you have to see whether your matching will be disharmonious.

We often see that a pair of middle boots of some famous ladies can match up with a set of beautiful matching.

If the pants are pink, if they are very beautiful, But pink + medium boots are not easy to match.

It must depend on how you match them, so it must depend on what you wear pants.

And when we look at the shoes, we have to see if the heel height is exactly the same, which is very helpful for our collocation.

The following little sister of the famous lady, who is a professional sister and a very smart person, is wearing a tight black stockings backed woolen coat with a pink corduroy woolen coat, A pair of red trousers, this coat, in fact, I matched her with a decorative color.

I matched it with a red belt.

The red belt is also pink, plus the silk scarf on her neck, so the color matching of the whole is very harmonious, and there is also an ornament.

So when we choose the matching, we must pay attention to the color.

If we really want to buy some colors, but there is no suitable matching, we can try them.

For example, our Chiffon pants, we must pay attention to the very elegant fabric, and the elegant fabric will basically have crimping, and there will be light loss when crimping, Therefore, we must pay attention to whether there is safety for elegant fabric matching…

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