Yoga pants are full of vitality, and the leg exposed wearing combination is very good to show temperament

Yoga pants are full of vitality, and the leg exposed wearing combination is very good to show temperament.

There are many kinds of matching skills for yoga pants.

Today, we will bring you some matching skills for fashionable and simple yoga pants, so that you can easily get the profound meaning of fashion.


A-line skirt and V-neck yoga pants are very popular in summer.

It is small and tall.

It is thinner than other styles of yoga pants.

More women choose V-neck yoga pants, which looks neat and capable.

It is better to wear A-line skirt with a little skin exposure.


Plaid flower printing is a must-have item in summer.

The solid color top is more fashionable with the tight printed skirt with vertical stripes.

Especially from early June to July, you can choose loose style or simple style.

Plaid printed skirt is not very demanding for girls’ figure.

It is the first choice for girls with fat or plump lower body.


The suspender skirt or blouse is matched with the suspender shorts, which is very hot in summer.

If it is matched with chiffon or smooth yoga pants, it will look good, and the printed ones are also a good choice, so in summer, just choose the printed yoga pants with simple color.

Or you can match it with a suspender vest to make you walk with a high street feeling.


Color matching yoga pants when you encounter yoga pants with rich patterns such as lattice flower printing, you must choose a simple top and light color.

The top should avoid focusing on thin materials, just like color matching yoga pants can be matched with high waist pants.


July is the peak season for color matching yoga pants.

Yoga pants with straps at the hem can be matched with casual bottoms to create a sense of fashion and leisure.

So you can choose this method for yoga pants with a wide range of patterns.


Sweaters with high waist pants sweaters and high waist pants basically have no solution.

Rich colors collide with dazzling beauty.

Especially in this year’s popular red and green, you can choose some blue items to make you full of vitality.

Or choose some colors with low saturation, such as earth color system, to make you white and fashionable.


Pure color yoga pants with loose hem and universal yoga pants.

You can wear yoga pants and autumn pants up and down in summer.

You can buy one of these yoga pants, or you can match it with a bottomed skirt.

If you want to drop the shoulders of some tops, you can choose yoga pants with loose hem.

If you have simple yoga pants with patterns, you must buy solid color ones, especially when the light color yoga pants are too complex, the solid color will be cleaner and more fashionable.


Jacket + lower Yoga Pants jacket is the most suitable item for girls with wide and fat body.

It only shows the part of the thigh from the thigh to the ankle.

It is fashionable and thin without skirt support.

It is slim and tall, but you can also choose not if you like multi-level dressing.


Choose yoga pants with wider sleeves and wider hems.

Various styles of yoga pants not only have various styles and choices, but also choose some yoga pants with wider hems, which can cover part of the arms, the flesh on the stomach and the fat on the arms.

They may not be so thin and tall, but they can also cover the worship meat on your arms…

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