Yoga pants are full of vitality. They will not be mediocre if they are matched carefully. They are fashionable and elegant, good-looking and

Yoga pants are full of vitality.

They will not be mediocre if they are matched carefully.

They are fashionable and elegant, good-looking and not tacky.

The matching of yoga pants is always an eternal topic.

The so-called full of warmth and lust, and stripes are definitely one of the versatile pieces to keep warm.

Recently, a blogger in Russia found more than 4000 sets of striped pants for your convenience.

Among them are the red and black stripes we like very much.

If you want to dress well, you might as well choose these two relatively simple design styles.

If it is a style with a sense of design, you’d better choose the same color with your coat.

Shirt with striped yoga pants can help you enlarge your waist and highlight your perfect waistline.

Not only that, you can also use the recent super hot pants to play with the lower body Hip Wrap pants to be more colorful.

If you can’t find the style you like, you can also choose the tough square neckline stripe like the blogger below.

Classic look, you might as well have one! Well, today’s demonstrations are more basic styles.

If you want to compare brilliant design, you need to apply some more personalized elements.

For example, use shiny materials with stripes to make you more eye-catching.

Of course, you’d better not give up the loose version, so your collocation will be more fashionable and avant-garde.

The stripe design makes you feel the breath of spring every day, and the white stripe makes people feel full of youth and vitality.

With retro black long straight hair, it can be more feminine.

In addition to being sexy, you can also use other small design elements as accessories to match your pants, so that your whole shape is more colorful.

Striped yoga pants are more versatile and have no major restrictions.

However, because many people have misunderstandings when buying, it is not easy to buy more beautiful striped yoga pants.

Here I summarize some details that need attention: 1 Pants length no matter what version of striped yoga pants, the pants length is recommended to be between 6-10cm above the knee, so as to avoid thick legs to the greatest extent.


The upper body of striped yoga pants with heavier waist will be thinner, so if your figure is not perfect, it’s best to match a belt on the waist line to make your figure more slender.


The combination of low chest or exposed navel can make you look more slender and prevent you from looking sloppy.

You must sit down and wear jeans every day, or you can choose this stripe combination.


The color saturation should be as low as possible.

Of course, you can’t match too complicated colors with your lower body.

The color I recommend is gray white, which can better set off your good figure.

Wearing striped yoga pants with appropriate color and low saturation can make your people look more refreshing…

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