Yoga pants are full of vitality, easy to be dazzling, good-looking and fashionable

Yoga pants are full of vitality, easy to be dazzling, good-looking and fashionable.

There are many collocations of yoga pants.

In addition to formal black-and-white and gray, there are also many collocations that can be tried.

These collocations will not be particularly low, so how to collocation? Today’s matching demonstration is a sexy printed yoga pants, which selects two basic colors: low saturation nude color and dark brown, giving people a gentle, natural and fresh feeling.

You can try it with a pair of single shoes or silk stockings.

The color will jump a little.

You can choose according to your own preferences.

1: Try to choose shorter pants.

If your hips are fuller, you can also choose longer pants to avoid short pants, lack of sag and overall advanced feeling.

2: The high waist must be well grasped.

Some people’s hips are relatively round.

They can also choose a little horizontal fold on the waist of the coat.

3: Pants must wear a belt, so that the height and waist line get a good balance, which can not only improve the waist line, but also decorate the lines.

4: Generally, you can choose middle waist or A-shaped pants.

These pants show a thin waist.

Slightly fat girls can appropriately choose an elastic belt to tie at the waist to avoid being thin.

5: In addition to the basic colors such as dark, black, dark gray and coffee, a little literary and artistic broken flowers can be added to the hem or sleeve of the coat.

6: You can also try the ruffle edge, which can look lovely and lively.

The bow on the chest is also a small detail, which will add points to the overall collocation.

Long version knitted wide leg pants, put on a small coat, the half length pants will feel loose, suitable for casual matching, but also a neutral matching.

Straight pants and slim jeans are suitable for thin girls, not for those with fat upper body, otherwise they will look fatter.

The yoga pants with deep V-neck and deep V-neck decorate the upper body line of the neck, which can expose the collarbone as much as possible, and will not look particularly strong visually.

Yoga pants with short coat, medium and long yoga pants will be very good, and medium and long yoga pants will give people a sense of solemnity.

6: Yoga pants with high neck sweater, high neck sweater can show thin, but also cover some upper body, which is also very suitable for showing high and thin.

7: Wearing suspenders, sleeveless yoga pants and backless Yoga Pants alone is cool, romantic and thin.

8: Low saturation nude, camel, coffee and other colors are very suitable to create a sexy and naive feeling.

It is recommended to choose Hip Wrap pants for the lower body, which will also look very casual.

The matching of leather pants, leather pants, leather pants and leather pants should consider the depth and length of pants.

If you don’t wear formal shoes, you can choose Lefu shoes or small white shoes.

If you think yoga pants are too short, try to choose nine point wide leg pants.

Hang the belt on the waist, which is tall and thin.

It will be cleaner to match it with small white shoes.

In daily life, we should pay attention to how our overall collocation echoes with the upper body.

If the upper body is too slim or low-key, the lower body can wear pants to create its own style.

Dress carefully and correctly, otherwise you will find that you can’t swim in any clothes, and people will disappoint you.

We don’t care whether we look good or not, but whether we can match ourselves.

A dress that you wear on yourself is suitable for yourself.

How do you wear it? Remember to leave a message to share!..

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