Yoga pants are the most classic and versatile, lengthening the body proportion, exquisite and elegant

Yoga pants are the most classic and versatile, lengthening the body proportion, exquisite and elegant.

The matching of yoga pants has always been the biggest headache for women.

Even though they have bought many different yoga pants, they still don’t know how to match them.

Today we will teach you some tips to help girls easily find their own yoga pants.

The overlapping wearing method of striped yoga pants is the simplest way to wear, because the colors are neatly distributed and the hem is tightened, which is more fashionable and energetic.

Moreover, it is very loose and thin.

A striped shirt skirt can be matched with denim wide leg pants to balance the color of coat and pants.

The matching of the lower body can be solid color or striped.

V-neck spliced Yoga Pants V-neck Yoga Pants continue the V-neck design, showing high and thin.

A piece of yoga pants can wrap around the thin waist, making thin more practical.

A simple V-neck yoga pants can well modify the face shape, and the hem design is simpler.

It doesn’t need exquisite lace, so it’s easy to wear a small and fresh style.

The bubble sleeve design is easy to associate with the bubble sleeve top with cute attributes.

The V-neck design greatly expands the visual range of the arm, and the chain lace at the neckline increases the sense of fashion.

Did the little black skirt above think of the little black skirt? Although it does not conform to the traditional aesthetic view, in fact, this printed yoga pants is indeed the simplest collocation.

Moreover, this print has a sense of hierarchy and adds a trace of simple but not simple charm.

Broken flower Yoga Pants broken flower yoga pants is a girl’s heart.

The design of the front shirt on the sleeve is very special.

It is matched with a short skirt.

The front shirt does not need to be buckled to easily create a perfect waist line of the lower body.

The design of the shirt makes people feel less regular, and the open shoulder design increases the sexy atmosphere.

For girls who are thin, there is no need to choose yoga pants.

This kind of broken flower yoga pants with round neck can have a stretching effect, which is thin and tall.

Different shirt Yoga Pants different shirt yoga pants are very common, and there are many fabrics.

Large cotton linen yoga pants, knitted yoga pants, suede leisure yoga pants, most shirt yoga pants can be matched with pants, skirts, shorts and skirts, which can be matched at will.

Different shirts and yoga pants will be very different with upper and lower clothes.

Don’t stick to the conventional matching style, you can try other matching.

Printed yoga pants, whether they are unrestrained printed yoga pants or versatile solid color solid color yoga pants, printed yoga pants are very good-looking, but it is still a little difficult to match.

After all, a large area of printing.

First of all, we should make it clear that the correct way to open the printed yoga pants is to have the same color of the upper and lower clothes, and then highlight the color of the printing.

There should be no girls who can’t wear simple blue sky and white clouds, red and green, but this kind of matching is not good-looking, because the printing of different depths should be together when matching, and the color appears too monotonous and not vivid enough.

How should we match it? Put on rainbow printing.

Of course, it’s not a joke.

Just don’t wear more.

After all, it should be matched with basic colors, such as black, dark gray, lotus root powder and khaki.

If you want to play with bright colors, there is only one way, that is to wear white, such as pure white, dark blue, light blue and so on…

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