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At the age of 36, Li Xiaomeng had insomnia and practiced yoga. She was about to give birth. Her stomach sagged obviously and her legs were

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Please rest assured that 36 year old Li Xiaomeng took photos late at night and did Yoga with an obvious pregnant belly.

Her husband Wang Lei did not show up.

In the early morning of November 26, actress Li Xiaomeng took photos late at night on the social platform, He revealed that he couldn’t sleep and practiced yoga late at night.

Li Xiaomeng, 36, is wearing a tight Yoga suit and sitting on a yoga ball.

Her pregnant belly sagged obviously.

She looked like she was about to give birth, and her legs were seriously swollen.

It seemed that this pregnancy was very hard, and her husband Wang Lei didn’t show up.

However, Li Xiaomeng is in good shape, smiling and energetic.

Netizens saw Li Xiaomeng’s Yoga photos, and someone left a message saying that they were still so beautiful and thin.

Others wish her peace and health and hope that she can give birth to a second child smoothly.

Li Xiaomeng and Wang Lei met on the crew, and they fell in love because of the play.

At that time, Wang Lei had graduated and was a mature actor, but Li Xiaomeng was still studying.

However, the two have always adhered to this love.

Wang Lei also silently accompanied Li Xiaomeng to grow up and finally successfully proposed at her graduation ceremony.

They work hard together, run life together, and have a very good relationship.

Not long ago, Li Xiaomeng also took a picture of her pregnant belly on the social platform.

She wore a tight dress, a big pregnant belly and the brilliance of maternal love.

The eldest son’s height has reached his mother’s waist.

He looks up and kisses the second child.

He is very loving.

Wang Lei stood behind Li Xiaomeng and protected the mother and son like a mountain.

Women always take great risks during pregnancy and childbirth.

Every mother deserves our respect.

I wish Li Xiaomeng a safe second child.

I hope she and Wang Lei’s family are happy.

I also look forward to her returning to the screen as soon as possible and continue to accompany the audience who like her with her works.

We all know that the entertainment circle is a circle full of desire.

Few stars can really keep themselves clean and conquer the audience by acting skills.

Stars with acting skills and works will be more popular, but some are born in rural areas, have no dignity and background, and finally become well-known stars by relying on the spirit of not afraid of hardship, The entertainment circle is a place to eat by talent.

Although the appearance also accounts for a small part, talented people are not afraid to be eliminated.

There are really not many stars who can be called both virtuous and artistic.

I hope to bring more works to the audience! Of course, melon eaters also like to pay attention to the feelings and families of stars.

Many stars want to marry into rich families.

One is better than another.

The feelings of stars are always so complex.

Divorce is a common thing.

It is possible today, tomorrow and that.

Anyway, bless them! Wish you a happy life! What do you think of today’s star? Do you like it? Welcome to say your thoughts in the message area.

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