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Xiaobian shares 9 simple and easy to learn squatting positions! The little fat people who just started to try squatting can practice from zero equipment.

If they want to increase the intensity after a long time of practice, they can use sports equipment for assistance.

Be sure to go step by step.

Don’t go to heaven step by step.


Squat against the wall ▷ as the name suggests, find a wall and keep the squatting position.

▷ keep your legs away from the wall so that your thighs are parallel to the ground.

▷ make sure the back is upright and the whole back is completely attached to the wall.

▷ this action is very good for the recovery of knee joint.


Gobletsquare Kettlebell squat ▷ grab a Kettlebell and do a squat.

If there is no Kettlebell, you can also use other weights instead.

▷ open your feet a little, outside eight.

Ensure that the soles of your feet are firmly tied to the ground during squatting, and do not lift your heels or lean back.

▷ keep your back straight while squatting.

Squat as deep as possible, with your thighs parallel to the ground.


Unevensquat unbalanced ground squat ▷ this squat exercise is very helpful to balance and improve one hip and leg.

▷ with one leg higher than the other, one leg can step on a box, barbell or pedal.

▷ squat in this position, which is the same as squatting with bare hands.


Squatjumps squat jump ▷ very good advanced training! It’s a very good cardiopulmonary training! ▷ squat down and jump as high as possible.

Squat during landing.

▷ it can be calculated not according to the number of actions, but according to the time, such as squatting jump for 30 seconds.


Monkey square monkey squat ▷ this is a very interesting squat ~ it stimulates the back of your thighs and hips.

It will be difficult for those with poor flexibility to do this action.

▷ squat down, grab your ankles or toes, get up, and repeat.


Sumosquatjump sumo squat jump ▷ the action of SUMO squat jump is the same as that of ordinary squat jump, but the initial action is changed to sumo style.

▷ this kind of jump is a bit like “hop like”, and the jump height is lower than that of ordinary squat jump.


1 / 2squats squat (squat) ▷ squat is very good as an auxiliary training after squat training.

Can be used as a novice to try the start of squatting.

▷ in fact, this is squatting, but it didn’t squat to the end.

▷ squatting is often used for the last few or static training after a group of training.

(Note: in other words, in the process of squatting, you really have no strength in the last few.

If you can’t squat down, you can half squat.

Always remember that if you want to squat down, please “deep” squat.

Half squat can only be regarded as a kind of opportunistic training) 8.

Square hold squat is static ▷ it’s like squatting against the wall, but you don’t lean against the wall.

Keep this position as long as you can, It is a kind of static training.

▷ straighten your back, look up and look ahead.


Forwardwallsquare squat on the front wall ▷ stay 1 inch (2.5cm) away from the inner wall, look straight ahead, and then squat.

▷ you will soon find that this action is a challenge to your balance ability.

Make sure your feet are firmly tied to the ground and don’t fall back.

▷ holding a heavy object helps to maintain balance…

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