“Baby fat” Yoga Pants beauty, novel cutting design, exquisite and elegant

“Baby fat” Yoga Pants beauty, novel cutting design, exquisite and elegant.

There are many collocation methods of yoga pants.

When using collocation, we should also consider the season and some personal collocation styles, so as to be more suitable for ourselves.

Today, let’s share some ways to match yoga pants and matching items.

Top with Yoga Pants: the style of sweater is relatively fresh.

You can match it with this kind of sweater every day.

Add them to the hem of the windbreaker together, and the effect of folding yoga pants can be richer.

Lower garment with Yoga Pants: avoid using some light colored knitted items in knitwear.

Choose darker knitted lower garment, loose and expansive knitwear, dark and thin, which will be very tall; As for the wide leg pants, the matching in the figure below is relatively rich.

Instead of choosing the long knitting with closed waist and high waist, the effect of loose straight tube is more warm.

Collocation with Yoga Pants: for another collocation method, match the lace long sleeved shirt with the inside.

This collocation dotted with sweater will be more delicate.

When making bottoms of knitwear, the waist should be closed well, which is more beautiful; For this collocation method, light colored knitting is selected, and an off shoulder short coat is matched outside.

The ornament of broken flowers on the chest is more exquisite.

Shoes matching: a simple flat bottomed white shoe is OK.

It can also be changed into light canvas shoes or sports shoes.

It can be matched by watching the field.

Yoga pants with clothing, yoga pants with coat: when wearing yoga pants, you will be affected by the coat, which is very important in the matching of yoga pants; Changing a coat will make the item more fashionable.

Unlike the matching of coat items, yoga pants can be matched with T-shirts and T-shirts.

Matching yoga pants inside: the top is inconvenient to wear in the shoes.

You can change a coat outside or a jacket or windbreaker.

Depending on the situation, it is better to use a sweet style.

With Yoga Pants: this skirt without waist style is slim and leg repair; The waist style skirt is short and very gentle; Fishtail style skirt is more sexy; The design of casual sports style is more feminine.

The top is matched with short coat windbreaker, and the most suitable age is not too high.

Choose high waist yoga pants, or can you lengthen the waist line.

Bag with Yoga Pants: in addition to yoga pants with small white shoes, it is also good to match with high heels, and the following windbreaker is also very good.

The waist closing inner layer of short coat is suitable for matching top with sweater coat.

Inside with a short coat: you can use the sling method.

The sling is a short coat with the waist closed.

For medium-sized babies, it has a high effect.

If the shoulder is wide, you can choose to add a tie on the shoulder.

Shoes matching: Muller shoes are selected as matching shoes, which can hide the meat and show thin.

It’s fun to wear yoga pants with a suspender top with a floral neckline.

When wearing yoga pants with a simple short coat, you still need to add a belt to show the waist line.

Shawl with Yoga Pants: a simple shawl can come in handy.

At the same time, it can also be worn as an outer layer and an inner layer, which can be added to the Yoga Pants together…

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