Yoga Pants full of “concave convex feeling” are matched with heart, generous and elegant

Yoga pants with “concave convex feeling” are matched with heart, generous and elegant.

Yoga pants are different from jeans or leggings.

They are more skirt than pants.

Therefore, when matching, pay attention to the echo of upper and lower clothing colors at the same time.

If the color of the lower garment is similar to that of the upper garment, it will give people a sense of insecurity, so you can match it with tight pants or nine point pants.

When matching pants, try to avoid 9-point pants.

You can wear wide leg pants or straight pants.

Choose straight pants or cropped pants for the lower body, giving people a dignified feeling.

When women wear yoga pants, color matching is very important to ensure the unity of the overall style.

The color of the lower body shall be the same as that of the upper body, and try to avoid the same color of the lower body and the upper body.

In this way, the integrity is stronger and the overall feeling is more comfortable.

Let’s take a look at the matching demonstration of wearing yoga pants.

The skirt high waist pants show the leg curve, which not only looks sexy, but also the high waist lines not only modify the waist, but also make the legs look slender.

Upper width and lower tightness or upper tightness and lower width, according to the dressing habits in real life.

The girl’s yoga pants in the figure below are high waist long and medium waist short, revealing a white coat and charming and sexy arms, just like the folding effect.

A sweater jacket is spliced on the yoga pants.

This jacket is matched with the yoga pants to expose the waist and wear it sexy and elegant.

Pleated skirt can be said to be a necessary item for commuters and fashion icon.

A simple skirt with an a-word middle skirt is lively and fashionable.

Yoga pants should be matched with white leather clothes or motorcycle coats.

Don’t be afraid to wear them badly.

Wearing a black coat or a black windbreaker outside makes it more lively.

In fact, all coats can be matched with skirts.

You don’t have to worry about wearing them well.

You can match them reasonably with your own shape.

When the stitched sweater coat below matches with the plaid shirt, it looks very fresh, casual, lovely and artistic.

The fabric of high waist pants is full of design sense.

It is much more slim than the A-line skirt we usually wear.

At the same time, it is looser than the upper body and the exposed lower body is more perfect.

Yoga pants with high waist design have decorative elements on the upper body, such as shawls, which can also show a higher figure.

High waist yoga pants will look longer.

Yoga pants with high waist design make the whole look more compact.

Striped Tights give people the feeling of being long, and there will be an alternative visual feeling with yoga pants.

Yoga pants with high waist design are a sharp weapon for short girls.

The wide stripes give people a heavy feeling.

Matching with yoga pants with high waist will lengthen the height ratio.

The waist line is a sharp weapon to make the big and long legs more prominent.

The high waist design makes the upper body look more retracted and the lower body look more expanded, giving a very harmonious feeling as a whole.

Yoga pants with the same high waist design, loose and slim fit will have different feelings.

The loose style can create a high waistline in a simple way, create a golden ratio, and make the whole look more slender.

High waist and wide leg pants, tight pants and flat shoes are more stylish.

If they are matched with high heels at the same time, they will appear bulky.

The upper body of High Waist Wide Leg Pants is matched with personalized leather clothes or long windbreaker, and a simple plaid shirt with personalized design sweater is very stylish…

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