Beautiful and elegant Yoga Pants dress up easily as a goddess, simple without losing atmosphere, gentle and romantic

Beautiful and elegant Yoga Pants dress up easily as a goddess, simple without losing atmosphere, gentle and romantic.

A classic rule in the collocation of yoga pants is the same color collocation.

Try to choose the color of the upper T-shirt close to the skirt as much as possible.

Of course, don’t go too far, otherwise the whole collocation will be very cheap.

Accessories should be matched with shoes as much as possible.

If the bag is matched wrong, the whole matching will be very abrupt.

The following skirt is a V-neck, so the design of small dew shoulder is selected at the neckline and cuffs, which is very good-looking.

The sailor’s T-shirt built inside is too long and fat.

I’m afraid it will make your body proportion look very uncoordinated.

It’s better to change a short bubble sleeve coat first.

Those who go back to the old style can match the hair band.

It’s casual and trendy.

They should be able to become big names on the street.

With a pair of retro denim straight pants, the version is free and liberates the nature.

The upper body is specially prepared for street retro style.

It is highly recommended that the pants be of this length, and the bottomed shirt and T-shirt will not be so cumbersome.

This sweater corresponding to the coat is a small and fresh piece necessary for travel.

Although the version is relatively strong, if the length of the shoulder is inserted, the upper body will appear very small and thin.

The lower body is equipped with a retro suspender skirt.

The girl’s pink with retro patterns is also very suitable for the college style route.

It is very Japanese and very lady.

Moreover, the fabric of the suspender skirt itself is very soft, so the lower body feels less bound, loose and comfortable.

If you want to be casual, you can choose this one.

The style of the skirt is very good.

Choose a short skirt from the knee to the calf.

The lower body is overalls.

The pants are not only loose but also very long, which makes you very natural and unrestrained.

The matching sweater is a light blue V-Neck Sweater and this pair of brown canvas shoes, which is casual and fashionable.

Some girls who want to match a suit must pay attention to this.

The suit itself is too formal.

Try not to match a suit on work days unless it is a weekend.

In addition to the above combination, you can also match such a shirt in summer.

Gao Yuanyuan wears this shirt with a generous neckline, which is very thin, but also gives people a retro and elegant feeling.

The green pants on the lower body can not only cover the thick legs and big belly, but also highlight the small waist around your waist.

It is very suitable for trying the style of jacket and shorts, super aging.

It is also matched with the hot socks this year, which is completely another route.

I believe this kind of wear will attract the attention of many people.

If you think there are too many choices for matching bags and don’t know how to choose, you can have a pair of versatile small white shoes.

No matter wearing shorts, skirts or shorts, as long as a pair of white shoes, the whole shape will be very elegant.

If you like the following suit with trumpet sleeves, you can put a windbreaker such as a windbreaker coat inside.

The combination of windbreaker + trumpet sleeve is very suitable for older girls.

The impression of windbreaker is generally a gentleman’s elegant type, and the whole person appears high-grade and tasteful.

Canvas shoes + sneakers are a favorite combination of most girls.

They are not only versatile, but also very age reducing…

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