Plump and concave convex yoga pants are beautiful women with fashionable style and easy to match

Plump and concave convex yoga pants are beautiful women, with fashionable style and easy matching.

There are many matching skills of yoga pants, but now the most common is yellow and black skin color.

Because the two skin colors are very similar, they are easy to become dull; Secondly, the two skin colors are easy to distort people’s temperament; Third, many clothes are only suitable for people who are whiter than themselves.

Sometimes you can only use filters to whiten clothes.

Today, I’d like to share with you how to match yellow and black skin color, so as to provide a new idea for your clothing color matching.

First of all, our skin color is very white and yellow, that is, yellow and black.

Because of the difference and depth of skin color, the lines of the whole face are different.

White places will be brighter and have some look; The Yellow place is also darker and has no look.

Therefore, there are four ideas for the collocation of skin color and clothing, namely harmony, contrast, light and shade and balance.

Harmony is that we often see those clothes that sell well.

It usually has a harmonious color and high sense.

In fact, you can go to the fitting rooms in some stores.

It feels very coordinated and will not affect others.

This is mainly because people’s facial features are more three-dimensional, and the coordination of facial features can create a sense of comfort.

For example, those girls with big brown curly hair go out.

For those with normal hair color, they know that they love dressing up at a glance.

In fact, it has something to do with people’s appearance and the comfort zone of everyone’s facial features.

For example, the hair color can affect the facial features comfort zone.

If the hair color is a little deeper, the facial features may not be so clear, and the feeling is not very coordinated and not so comfortable.

In addition, dark brown clothes will look fierce and not so beautiful.

The second idea is comparison.

We can see what kind of clothes are more obvious.

For example, those naive girls love to wear some blue.

We see a blue and yellow match.

As long as it is matched properly, this kind of dress can decorate their body more beautiful.

Harmonious is simple collocation, not so many things, solid color.

The contrast is the color.

It’s obvious that you’re her fan.

For example, the other three people are wearing blue-green and you are wearing pink.

Obviously, personalization will be highlighted, and that is the contrast.

If you say it’s clean, it doesn’t.

It’s not the clean color, it’s the clean body.

That is to say, the whole skin is white, so the color of the clothes is not so uniform.

Although it may light up a little, it will appear clean as a whole.

If you like warm colors, you can try such a contrast and collocation, which will be very harmonious.

Of course, this requires a certain color brightness.

If you wear a very dark color, the whole person looks too disharmonious.

But if you wear very bright colors, the whole person looks much stuffy.

Therefore, the brightness of color is also very important.

The third idea is to compare the light and shade.

This looks very abstract.

In fact, it means that which color is in the middle of the whole garment.

If you compare it very bright, it looks good, but if you remove the yellow, it will feel very relaxed…

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