Do yoga make your shoulders stronger and stronger? Your power point is really wrong! Change it immediately after reading it!

Many students said that since practicing yoga, their shoulders have become stronger and stronger, especially the upper trapezius muscle has become stronger, just like the fitness man.

For girls, they may feel unsightly.

In terms of force, they really use the wrong muscle, so the upper trapezius muscle becomes stronger and stronger.

The anterior saw muscle and rhomboid muscle did not exert force, resulting in the compensation of superior trapezius muscle.

The function of rhomboid muscle is to pull the shoulder blades inward and upward, so that the shoulder blades are close to each other; The anterior serratus muscle pulls the scapula forward and close to the thorax.

This muscle is paralyzed.

The lower corner of the scapula leaves the thorax and protrudes out of the subcutaneous, resulting in “winged shoulder”.

If you don’t activate the anterior saw muscle, the back is full, and the shoulder blade is pasted back to the upper back.

How to exercise the rhomboid muscle and anterior saw muscle? When the exercise comes to the inclined plate, exhale and sink in the middle of the shoulder blade.

The arm does not exert too much force.

Inhale and the middle of the shoulder blade is full and powerful.

Push the arm down hard and repeat for 10 times.

The second exercise is to stand against the wall, bend both hands and clench fist, inhale the elbow, small arm and back of hand against the wall, and repeat for 10 times.

How to prevent trapezius muscle compensation in four column support? If the four column support is not practiced correctly, it is easy to bring great pressure to the shoulders, resulting in the strengthening of the shoulders.

In four pillar support, activate the serratus anterior and rhomboid muscles to stabilize the scapula.

As mentioned earlier, let the scapula stick back to the upper back.

How to reduce the pressure on the shoulder in four column support? We should pay attention to two points: 1 How low should the upper body be when supported by four columns? 2.

How far should the shoulders go forward when supported by four columns? 1.

How low should the upper body be when supported by four columns? Let the upper body parallel to the ground.

Error 1 – don’t be too low, the tip of your nose is almost touching the ground.

Error 2 – too high, not too high, shoulder pressure.


How far should the shoulders go forward when supported by four columns? Elbow aligned wrist shoulder pressure will be too much: generally let elbow aligned wrist, shoulder forward.

At this time, the body needs to be very hard.

However, because of too much force, there will be pressure on the shoulders.

Elbows back slightly can reduce pressure: shoulders back a little, reduce shoulder pressure.

The main thing is to look at your heels and push them back, like pushing a wall.

If your heels move forward, you’ll have too much pressure on your upper body and too much pressure on your shoulders.

Try putting your heels against the wall to practice four column support.

If the elbow is 90 ° and the heel needs to push forward, the pressure will come to the shoulder.

If you want the elbow to be 90 ° and the heel does not push forward, the distance between the hand and the foot should be closer.

Yoga practice is to let the body return to the right position, never put the book upside down, and let the body bear pressure in order to make a good-looking pose.

It is a knowledge to do each pose well.

Keep yoga in the right position, start the muscles that should be started and stretch the stretching position.

Only in this way can yoga practice avoid detours and injuries- Today’s topic: practicing each pose is a knowledge.

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