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Practice yoga. Those who can’t last for three months are hooligans!

When you decide to start yoga, you are so happy that you can finally make yourself more temperament, finally get rid of backache, finally make your body more shaped, finally lose weight, finally put on the bikini you bought the year before last, so happy.

When you decide to start yoga, your husband / boyfriend is so happy, and your wife / girlfriend’s body can become better It’s great to be more gentle and non stick.

When you decide to start yoga, your best friend is happy and bad, and finally can practice yoga together, become beautiful and better together.

It’s really great.

When you decide to start yoga, your yoga coach is happy and bad, which can really help you improve your sub-health problems and see your growth, It’s really a sense of accomplishment to gain your trust…

But after less than three days of yoga, you say yoga is too tired, too bitter and too painful.

Yoga for one month, you say yoga has no effect, no progress and no surprise.

Yoga for two months, you say there’s no time and you’re too busy, Chairman Mao said: all relationships not for the purpose of marriage are hooligans, while those who practice yoga for less than three months are hooligans.

Why? The human body has amazing memory ability.

It takes at least 21 days to change the original living habits and ways, and it takes at least 90-180 days or even longer to adhere to this habit and continue until it is old.

In addition, the renewal cycle of human fat cells is 90-180 days, You can’t see a very obvious change in less than 3 months.

Practicing yoga is like falling in love with your body.

You’ve given up before you start to know yourself.

Aren’t you playing hooligans? Not to mention how disappointed your husband / boyfriend, best friend and yoga teacher should be.

Therefore, if you have just started yoga for 3 months and have not changed much for half a year, don’t worry.

Yoga changes year by year.

Good figure and health are never easy to obtain.

It comes from accumulation over time.

Beginners practice yoga, Don’t rush to repay, because sowing and harvest are not in the same season.

It’s called persistence and rest assured after a period of time.

Your efforts and yoga can see that the yoga you have practiced will be engraved in your body, your bones, and no one can take away your temperament! Finally, I hope all those who have just started yoga must adhere to yoga for 3 months, strive to overcome the inertia of the body and cross the first threshold of yoga.

When you get the first trump card of yoga, self-discipline, yoga will give you what you want! ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼▼ select yoga products in the lower left corner of the recent good lessons and good things recommendation point..

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