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Introduction to knowledge payment industry 1 Knowledge payment has become a general trend of learning.

In the past 11 years, with the rising enthusiasm of public knowledge consumption and the positive boost of various capital forces, as well as the continuous improvement of Internet coverage, the increasing popularity of smart phones and the emergence of advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the market scale of China’s knowledge payment industry has expanded rapidly.

According to the special research report on the development of China’s knowledge payment industry in 2020 released by AI media consulting in February 2021, the market scale of China’s knowledge payment industry has climbed from 4.91 billion yuan in 2017, 14.83 billion yuan in 2018 and 27.8 billion yuan in 2019 to 39.2 billion yuan in 2020.

It is expected to reach 67.5 billion yuan in 2021.

After eleven years of development, the scale of China’s knowledge payment industry has shown a trend of rapid growth.

Looking forward to the next decade, with the more vigorous development of the digital economy, the more rise of the “cultural middle class”, and people’s greater desire for a better spiritual life, the knowledge payment industry will “change day by day, change day by day, and change day by day”, ushering in a new development spring.


Through knowledge paid online learning, we can obtain all kinds of valuable information, learn other people’s excellent thinking and know better people than us.

In the physical industry, except for professional companies and teams, individuals basically have no brand awareness.

The company, its costs, resources and contacts are a gap that many ordinary people can’t cross.

But the Internet is different.

Brands need to be promoted, traffic needs channels, and products need to be exposed.

Every action we do is transparent and can be seen clearly by others.

Learning and imitation are much easier than physical industries.

Therefore, for ordinary people, this is a natural barrier free learning channel.

As long as you are exposed to knowledge payment, you can learn in brand packaging, fan fission, private domain traffic and marketing realization, and knowledge payment must be the leading in this regard.

Completely break through the industrial barriers of large companies in the physical industry.


Knowledge payment provides professional learning channels and there are a lot of opportunities to link contacts.

Before we did something, we need to ask the people around us who understand what we don’t understand.

However, we can’t verify how much he knows and how professional he is.

We can’t go to Baidu, but there are too many and miscellaneous information, it’s hard to distinguish, it’s a waste of time, and we don’t necessarily find the answer we want.

Knowledge payment provides such a professional channel.

Spending a little money can solve our problems, suit the remedy to the case and cure the disease.

As ordinary people, they can learn new skills through knowledge payment, contact new fields, jump out of the original circle and know talents in other fields, so as to lay a good foundation for us to change careers or start sidelines.


Knowledge payment gives many ordinary people the opportunity to overtake in corners.

As long as it is a demand, even a small demand, multiplied by China’s 1.3 billion population, it is also a huge market.

Not to be underestimated.

No matter what industry or product you are in, you can build your own brand and IP from zero as long as you are on the Internet.

This purpose can be easily achieved through the knowledge paid online course project.

In the offline physical industry, it is quite difficult and takes time and money for ordinary people to successfully shape their own IP or build their own brand.

Member introduction 1 Why apply for course membership? The courses are more comprehensive, more convenient to use and more cost-effective.

Members are like a key to open the knowledge treasure house.

What they present is a multimedia mobile library covering the whole network courses.

More than 100 courses are updated every week.

The key is that they can be used permanently free of charge without any price increase.

At present, the course has been increased to 11 + 3 fields, and the price is adjusted from time to time.

The earlier it is handled, the more affordable it will be.


Why do course members run Mengmeng home? With guaranteed quality, guaranteed safety and after-sales service, Mengmeng family has a regular team of 6-year crowdfunding courses, with 10 + full-time operation staff, excellent technology, first-class service, relaxed management and active membership atmosphere.

It is not comparable to those individual communities with poor courses, poor service and precarious situation.

Friends who have suffered losses, been cheated, entered the pit and been cut with leeks have a feeling of finding organization after joining.


Why do course members want to run Mengmeng Wenmeng? First, the partner of Mengmeng family is the highest level agent, with dozens of agents at the bottom.

People with results and achievements are more likely to succeed; Second, it has connected several course communities and many crowdfunding groups to understand the latest popular course information.

The course resources are rich, so as to avoid the worry of looking for courses after class.

Third, be familiar with all kinds of drainage channels, have special drainage training courses and hand-in-hand teaching, which can be applied to other industries.

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