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The more you practice, the more beautiful your bed yoga moves will wake you up every day!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Spend 10 minutes in bed yoga every day to make you more beautiful.

Bed Yoga combined with abdominal breathing can effectively activate cells, promote metabolism and muscle stretch, and relax body and mind.

At the same time, through repeated deep breathing, it can relieve nervous tension, achieve the effect of calming nerves, and help alleviate insomnia! Today, I recommend a set of yoga moves.

You can practice it when you lie in bed.

Put down your mobile phone before going to bed and do yoga together! Lie on your back, bend your knees, keep the soles of your feet close to each other, keep your heels close to the perineum, open your knees to the side, put your right hand on the abdomen and your left hand on the chest, inhale, feel the chest expand outward, exhale, the navel goes to the spine, and exhaust the waste gas in the body.

In this breathing mode, lie on your back for 5-8 rounds, bend your knees, keep your thighs close to the abdomen, and the separation of your knees is slightly larger than the waist, The legs are vertical, the hands hold the soles of the feet or ankles respectively, exhale, the legs look down to the waist on both sides as far as possible, maintain 5-8 breaths, restore the walking stick sitting, back against the wall, straighten the legs, put the hands on both sides of the hips, inhale with the palm down, straighten the spine upward, extend the exhalation on the side waist, sink the shoulders, press the thigh bones to the ground, tighten the thigh muscles to the hip, and pedal the heels forward to maintain 3-5 breaths, Restore the simple cross sitting of legs, with the spine straight up, the left hand down, the right hand up, the big and small arms wrapped around each other, the palms opposite, the fingertips pointing directly above, exhale, bend the back forward, the forearm close to the ground, the chest extends forward, the shoulders away from the ears, maintain 3-5 breaths, change the opposite arm to practice the stick sitting, extend the legs straight forward, bend the right knee, and the heel close to the perineum, inhale, and the spine is straight, Exhale, bend down, grasp the soles of the feet or the opposite wrists with both hands, relax the head naturally, keep 3-5 breaths, practice supine on the opposite side, bend both knees, put the heel close to the hip, lift the left leg, put the ankle on the right thigh, hold the back of the right leg with both hands, sink the shoulders, lift the right leg up, exhale parallel to the ground, lean the right thigh towards the abdomen, deepen the range, keep 3-5 breaths, practice supine on the opposite side, The buttocks are close to the wall, the legs are straight upward, the heels are against the wall, the toes are naturally hooked back, the shoulders sink and relax, the shoulder blades are retracted, the hands are placed on the abdomen, the eyes are closed, and the senses are finished.

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