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How can Yoga one leg downward dog pose not turn the crotch? Lift your legs higher? (with exercise plan)

Single leg downward dog pose is very common in yoga courses.

It’s not only raising the legs, but also testing the basic skills of practitioners.

If you practice downward dog pose well, it will also be of great help to single leg downward dog pose! The benefits of practicing single leg downward dog pose: 1.

Fully extend the chest and activate the armpits, especially the waist and back.


Alleviate muscle fatigue, restore energy and improve the blood supply to the head.


Strengthen arm strength and beautify arm lines.


The head inverted preparatory pose can be practiced first.

Common mistakes in single leg downward dog pose: what are the fallible points of single leg downward dog pose? How to improve the above error prone points when the shoulders are not in a straight line, the hips are not in the positive core, the gluteal muscles are not activated, the leg pressing is not tightened, and the heels are not forced downward? Keep the shoulders and hips in the same straight line.

The core of the abdomen must be activated.

At the same time, the legs supporting the ground must step down strongly on the hips.

Remember to keep the center straight.

The femoral head will plug back into the acetabular fossa.

What poses do you usually practice to help one leg downward dog pose: action 1.

Enter the strengthening side extension pose from mountain pose, prepare two yoga bricks to inhale, and take a step forward on your right leg, Pay attention to the neutral spine of the hip, keep the spine in the state of bending forward with breathing, stay for 60 seconds and change to the other side tips: strengthening the side extension can mainly strengthen the flexibility of the muscles behind the thigh and stretch the hips, which is very helpful for the single leg downward dog pose! Action 2-3: inhale from the mountain pose into the dance pose, support the right foot on the ground, start the exhalation of the right leg muscles, tighten the core, extend the left hip backward, grasp the instep of the left foot backward with the left hand, expand the chest and stay for 5-8 breaths, and change the other side.

If the previous version is relatively easy, you can add these two enhanced versions to the practice tips: Dance pose can well strengthen the ability of hip extension, At the same time, it is also helpful to strengthen gluteal muscle strength! Action 4.

Exit from the previous action, enter the warrior three pose inhale, support the right foot on the ground, start the exhalation of the right leg muscles, tighten the core, move forward in a T-shape, pay attention to the neutral position of the hip, inhale, bend the knee slightly, exhale, stretch the legs, and repeat exercises on each side for 8-10 times tips: the warrior three pose can well strengthen the hip and leg strength, which is very helpful for practicing the dog pose under one leg.

Action 5.

Exit from the warrior’s three postures, kneel on the left knee, inhale on the right foot, support on the right foot, push the left leg back and up, enter one leg standing, extend the spine, exhale, restore, repeat the practice for 8-10 times, and then change sides.

Finally, it is suggested that Jia people with abnormal blood pressure and vertigo should practice carefully.

If the back of their legs is too stiff and not extended enough for beginners, You can practice by bending your knees slightly first.

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