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How to warm up before practicing yoga handstand?

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Practice handstand not only looks good, but also has many benefits! But often many people practice handstands because they are eager for success, resulting in many injuries! Today, I sorted out a set of warm-up sequence that can be used before practicing handstand.

Jia people who like handstand might as well collect it! 01.

Downward dog style cat chop step from cat cow style to downward dog style, pay attention to the extension of the back with breathing, bend the knees and heels alternately, pay attention to the slow down, and practice dynamically for 12 times 02.

Single leg downward dog style starts from downward dog style, straighten the hips and exhale, tighten the core, lift the right leg and inhale backward to return to the original downward dog style, and practice dynamically for 12 times on each side 03.

Reverse dog style starts from downward dog style, straighten the hips and exhale, Bend the lower leg, inhale with the heel as close as possible to the hip, restore the single leg downward dog pose, and practice dynamically on each side for 12 times.


Withdraw from the reverse dog pose, return to the downward dog pose, adjust the exhalation, bend the elbow and land into the dolphin inhale, restore the downward dog pose, and practice dynamically for 12 times.


Withdraw from the dolphin pose in the inclined board mountaineering pose, and put the center of gravity forward into the inclined board core to tighten, Exhale, bend your right knee forward, find your right elbow, inhale, restore, and maintain dynamic practice on each side for 12 times 06.

The dolphin variant exits from the inclined plate, returns to the dolphin exhale again, tightens the core, inhales slightly forward on the shoulders, restores the dolphin style, practice for 12 times 07.

The elbow support exits from the dolphin style and enters the elbow support plate.

Pay attention to tighten the core and gluteal muscles, and stay for 1 minute 08 Relax the wrist, withdraw from the elbow support, kneel down and enter the cat cow style, with the wrist facing directly in front, exhale, push the hip back and the palm root to the ground, feel the stretching of the wrist and the back of the forearm, practice repeatedly with breathing for 12 times, then sit up, swing and relax the wrist 09, stretch the three heads of the humerus, open the armpit and prepare for the King Kong kneeling posture, bend the elbow and the forearm up behind the head, inhale with ten fingers to extend the spine, Slightly lift your chin and exhale upward.

Feel the armpit stretch behind your elbows.

Stay here for 8-10 breaths.


Open your chest and stretch your chest muscles to keep you sitting.

With your hands clasped behind your fingers and breathing, feel the chest stretch fully.

Stay here for 8-10 breaths.

This sequence is not only a warm-up sequence for inverted standing, Jia people can also practice as a routine sequence to strengthen their arms and core strength! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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