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Orange yoga | Wangfujing store anniversary celebration, enjoy 7 good gifts when you deposit!

Thanks for the anniversary of Wangfujing yoga, you can share a great time, sweet gifts and true feelings.

Thanks for giving back to new and old members.

Since the establishment of orange Yoga Wangfujing store in 2021, it has been supported by the friends of new and old members.

Thanks for your love, Wangfujing store has developed and expanded step by step, accumulated valuable teaching experience and accumulated the priceless wealth of the majority of Jiaren.

Over the past year, all the employees of orange yoga have seen every bit of getting along with the members and have also taken the opinions and suggestions of the members to heart.

On the occasion of the first anniversary, Wangfujing store of orange yoga has specially launched an annual limited preferential activity to give back the love of new and old people.

In the next year, let’s join hands to a better Yoga road! Orangeyoga’s anniversary celebration content: from now on – March 6, 2022 activity content: deposit 100 yuan and enjoy 7 luxury gifts; discount 1 American sports water cup, a value of 198 yuan; import material discount 2 accurate body evaluation, a value of 298 yuan; professional evaluation and guidance discount 3 card management items, enjoy 50% discount; only apply for discount during the event; 4 pre deposit gift bags, 1 out of 2 (1) One private class worth 518 yuan + two boutique classes worth 556 yuan + three normal temperature group classes worth 360 yuan (2) One normal temperature monthly card valued at 1680 yuan + one private teaching session valued at 518 yuan, five discounts valued at 1000 yuan, one voucher for teaching and training courses, six discounts for smashing golden eggs and winning a good gift, one chance per person, seven discounts valued at 1136 yuan, exercise package, including: a set of brand yoga clothes valued at about 750 yuan + a velvet towel valued at 298 yuan + a pair of anti-skid five son socks valued at 88 yuan) the content of the anniversary celebration activities is comfortable The training environment covers an area of nearly 500 square meters, with 6 classrooms, floor heating, central air-conditioning fresh air system, spacious and bright rest area, shower and dressing room, rigorous curriculum system and 8 kinds of courses, 108 kinds of professional fine courses recommend exclusive practice plans according to physical evaluation.

New league classes / open classes will be held irregularly every month.

The star teacher team has 5 years of teaching tutors in the Museum + an average of 1000 + class hours of teaching experience.

Full time teaching tutors provide round the clock service, high-quality member benefits, and formulate member activities every month, Manicure / flower / baking member exclusive birthday surprise bar special for health food, tremella soup / mung bean soup / flower tea, Wangfujing shop solemnly promise that during the anniversary, the price is not satisfied with the consumption, the whole deposit is refunded, one person is running a card, the price of 1000 group purchase is concerned, we are concerned about the official account of the orange Yoga official WeChat ID:OrangeYogayoga..

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