If you want to practice yoga well, you must strengthen your strength practice

Some people may ask: Yoga is about flexibility.

Why do you need strength practice? In fact, in addition to good flexibility, yoga should also have sufficient physical strength, so that the body will be balanced and progress will be faster.

Xiaobian will share a set of strength strengthening sequences for you.

If you want to make rapid progress and advanced difficult asanas, you must practice them often! 1.

Stand in the magic chair mountain style, lift your hands over your head from front, bend your hips and knees, sit down your hips, lower your thighs parallel to the ground, push your lower legs back and lift your chest up, relax and sink your shoulders, tighten your thigh muscles, and maintain 5-8 breaths.


In the crescent style, your feet are separated more than one leg, the left leg is vertical to the ground, your right knee is close to the ground, and lift your hands up to keep the middle of your hips and the upper body bent back, Open the chest, keep 5-8 breaths, change the opposite side.


Enter in the warrior’s second crescent, lift the left knee, straighten the left leg, the right thigh is perpendicular to the lower leg, step on the left foot, extend the spine, extend the waist on both sides, expand the chest, extend the fingertips to both ends, and look at the right hand, keep 5-8 breaths.

Change sides.


Prepare for one leg downward dog pose, lift the left leg backward and upward, and point the toe to the ground, The thigh surface is tightened to keep the hip centered, the right heel steps down on the arm, trunk and left leg in a straight line to keep 5-8 breaths, change the opposite side 5.

Enter the side plate type inclined plate, turn the body to the left and upward, the left leg is above the right leg, the legs are close together, the hip is lifted up, the left hand straightens its head upward on the extension line of the spine, the core is tightened to keep 5-8 breaths, and change the other side 6.

Locust prone on the cushion surface, Put your hands on both sides of your body, with your feet as wide as your shoulders, inhale and extend your spine, slightly retract and exhale your abdomen, lift your chest, hands and legs upward, keep your shoulders away from your ears, retract your shoulder blades, and maintain 5-8 breaths.


Prepare for the boat sitting position, bend your knees and step on the ground to lift your legs upward, lean your body backward, straighten your knees, close your legs together, tighten your arms, lift flat in front, and extend your spine upward for 5-8 breaths.

8 Crow squat preparation, feet with hip width apart, hands with shoulder width apart in front of the body, knees on the big arm close to the armpit, bend the elbow, move the center of gravity forward, lift your feet up and keep 5-8 breaths.

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